Friday, August 1, 2014

A look into "my window"...not literally haha

The rain poured down from the sky and and soaked everything in it's path while lightning lit up the night sky and thunder threatened to deafen everything with ears.  Karyn Matthews ignored the storm that raged around her as she stood in a newly-formed puddle of water, watching the large, silver horse trailer slowly back up to the barn.  Karyn could only guess what was going on in the minds of the animals secured inside the vehicle every time there was a boom of thunder.  Karyn herself flinched even though she knew thunder couldn't physically hurt.  She'd never been a big fan of thunderstorms, yet here she stood in the middle of probably the biggest one she'd ever experienced.  If it weren't for the arrival of the horse transport, however, she would be tucked safely inside her house.

I'm sure I've mentioned a time or two that I like to write stories and how long I've been writing.  I always have tons of story ideas running rampant in my brain and TV shows and songs often get other ideas tossed into an already crowded mix.  A couple of years ago, after spending a few hours at the San Diego Zoo I went back to my hotel, sat down and started writing a story about a tiger keeper and a koala keeper.  Some stories have to be thought about for awhile before I can even hope to put pen to paper, but being at the zoo that day gave me such an overwhelming urge to write.  I literally had the physical need to do it.  That had never happened before and hasn't happened since.  Other stories start off well only to crash and burn a few pages in.  A very small few make it to the end and the ones that do end up in the recycle bin eventually because I think of things that should have been added.  My whale trainer story, one I've literally been working on off  and on since 2005 has gone through so many transformations and is currently only a few lines from being finished, but I can't bring myself to do it.  Not because I don't want it to end but because I'm suddenly disgusted with it.  Much of it is pretty decent, but most of it is garbage, in my head.  The few people who I've shared my writing with has really enjoyed it, but I still crash and burn.  I have no desire to become a published author.  To write for a living.  Why do I do it, then?  Because it makes my brain happy.

So what does any of this have to do with anything?  A story I've been having issues with has gotten new life breathed into it.  At one time, it was actually a completed product, but I didn't like how I rushed the ending.  I could've just changed the ending, but once there's something I don't like about it the whole thi gets dumped.  Silly, I know, but I'm my own worse enemy.  I put it aside and was working on my whale trainer story, but the horses were always on the fringes of my mind.  Never forgotten and always brewing.  Until today.  All the ducks lined up.  I finished reading the book I had on my iPad mini and had no access to another one since I only have one on at a time that's available to be read.  The weaker was a bit sketchy.  I had two new notebooks in my cabinet at work.  I pulled one out...
And voila!  New life was breathed into the story.  The beginning, which is the first 'paragraph' changed dramatically.  It's changed a couple of times before, but that's besides the point.  Hahaha.  For now, the story is going well.  Being a full-sized notebook, it's a bit more unwieldy than the steno pads I usually use so it might be a 'for work only' type thing since I have a large desk space to use,  but we shall see.

You may have noticed more and more of my blog posts have been happening in the eveni.  It's not really by choice, but since my supervisor has put a ban on internet usage during the work day and blogging from my cell phone is a little difficult, I work with the time I have available.  When I can, I'll blog first thing in the morning.  Multiple photo posts will still be in the morning since I upload my pictures at work.  Did I mention I need a new camera?  I know I mentioned the dogs getting ahold of my work bag the other night.  I had a small camera, a Kodak C182, I think it is, in a case in my bag and they somehow managed to get the camera out of it's pouch.  The battery cover door is gone and as a result, the batteries don't want to stay inside.  Kind of hard to use a camera when the batteries won't stay put.  It wasn't an expensive camera, but it was a convenient one.  I could fit it in my pocket and nobody would know it was there.  I have other cameras plus my cell phone, but they lack the convenience of the Kodak so I'd like to replace it eventually.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I can't believe it's August already. The only real bonus to that is the oppressively hot summer is at least half over. We really have been lucky this summer, though, and have only had a handful of days that were 105 or above. Not only that, but we haven't yet been running our a/c 24/7 yet. Usually by now we are, but we are still able to turn it off around 11pm or 12am and leaving it off until anywhere between 11am and 3pm the next day. It might still happen, having to leave it on all night, but maybe not. And considering the monster dogs are still not 100% house-trained, being able to keep the door open certainly is beneficial.

Before I go I just want to say that this last sentence is written by voice alone so there is no punctuation. Pretty cool, huh?

*Edited to add* apparently all I have to do is say the punctuation I want!!

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