Monday, March 10, 2014

Snack Machines and cacti...

A few weeks ago we were notified by email that they would be removing the coffee machine in the main break room.  I don't drink coffee and the hot chocolate the thing spit out was gross so I didn't really care and most of the people that drink coffee around here either bring some from home or belong to the coffee club a couple of employees set up.  Anyway, we weren't told when it would happen so I forgot all about it...until last week when a co-worker told me they were in there removing the snack machines.  What?!  Obviously this caused quite a stir.  Why would they remove snack machines that were used daily by many people in the company.  We don't have any other options except an overpriced convenience store up the road or a 10 minute (one way) Circle K.  Eventually, though, it was found out that we'd contracted with a new vending machine and they were only replacing the machines.  My co-worker said the soda machines were still there, but that wasn't exactly true.  A little while later I went to the break room to check out the new machines and was quite amazed.  ALL of the machines had been replaced, Coke and Pepsi, too!  And boy are they fancy!  I finally got a chance to take a picture a little while ago...
They have card readers for using credit cards and debit cards.  Wow!  Now, before you wonder just how expensive these machines are, a can of soda is 85 cents and the snacks range in prices with none of them being over $1.25, but when they run out of change or you don't have any handy, those card readers are sure going to come in handy.  There's a 4th machine around the corner that has cold food items such as sandwiches and things.  It currently only has a few offerings and is usually empty more often than not.  Hopefully this new vendor will be better at keeping it filled.  Those prices did go up, which is a real bummer.  I am still waiting to see what they will put in it to justify the $4.00 and $5.00 cost.  Charging $3.25 for a couple of White Castle burgers is ridiculous so I can only guess what will be for the higher prices.

So, this morning at about 3:30 or so I was lying in bed when one of my cats "flew" to the window.  I heard a scratch on the screen and was briefly concerned someone was trying to cut their way in (the window was open), but our front yard is desert landscaping so it's covered in small rocks and you'd hear if someone was outside because it makes crunching noises.  Eventually Temecula lost interest and I was able to relax enough to go back to sleep.  Well, when I went to leave for work this morning, I saw this...
Just yesterday I commented to my mom that the cactus was leaning pretty hard and she said it would probably fall soon.  This is possibly what caused the odd reaction from my cat at 3:30 since my room is on this side of the house.  It's a shame the cactus fell...half of it birds nested in it.  I'm confused as to how it fell the way it did.  It was leaning towards the other cactus, but it fell to the side and the one arm it had was on the side it was leaning.  It's just very strange.  The other one in the yard seems to be doing okay and isn't leaning at all.

My weekend was pretty good.  Did my laundry Saturday.  Mom and I went to IHOP for breakfast Sunday.  It was pretty good.  We haven't been to Denny's in almost a month because I was getting bored with it.  We're now trying to eat more breakfasts at home on Sundays and only going out once or twice a month.  My mom's birthday is this Saturday so we discussed where she might like to go for dinner.  I have to remember to talk to my brother about it.  My birthday is 3 weeks from tomorrow and we'll probably go to Outback Steakhouse.  Usually we go to Logan's Roadhouse and my brother will probably vote for Texas Roadhouse.  I don't care so long as I get prime rib and I don't have to drive.  hahaha.

Well, that's about it.  Have a good one!

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