Sunday, May 17, 2015

Steffen Peters and the 2015 Las Vegas World Cup...

Well, I  finally had the chance the find video of Steffen Peters and Legolas performing  their Freestyle routine at the 2015 World Cup in Las Vegas last month.  What a shame.  For those of you who may not have heard, this dynamic pair was disqualified because a small amount  of  blood was found on one of the horse's  sides when he was checked following the performance.  So many people were in an uproar, accusing Steffen  of jabbing him with his spurs.  So many people were quick to think the worst  of him for this one incident, despite  his past reputation.  Just like in that game of Operator where you whisper something to one person then they whisper it to another until it's  made it around the circle, the actual  injury  to Legolas went from 'a tiny bit of red' to 'lots of blood'.  Nobody wanted to listen when others tried to point out that Steffen  uses dulled, round spurs and would've  had  to  been really, seriously  kicking Legolas HARD to cause the amount of damage people believed he'd done, but if you watch the video of their performance, you will see the incident in question.  Even when the judge said it was only a 'tiny bit of red on one side' and video inspection  showed that the spurs he'd been wearing were the same ones he always did and couldn't  have caused major damage, people didn't  want to listen.  Yes, I  will  admit that I'm  a huge fan of his so I'm  a "bit" biased, but if you watch the video I'm  going to post, you can see for yourself what caused it to happen.  And you will maybe agree with me it was a shame he was eliminated because he had a very good performance  and  even got a standing ovation.  I think the winner of the event, Charlotte Desjardins,  is an incredibly  talented  rider, but Steffen  could've  given her a real run for her money.

So, watch the video...or skip to near the will see that when they gave their final salute, the crowd errupted into cheers and applause and Legolas 92 freaked out at the sudden noise.  Steffen  likely "dug in" (with his legs) to stay in the saddle and he probably  put more pressure  on  the  one side, which
resulted in the injury.

Well, that's  about it for now.  I  hope to be back in the next day or two with some wild horse pictures.  I haven't  shared any in awhile but I've  still  been  out shooting.

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