Monday, March 3, 2014

Breyer's Big Easy Bash

So, this past weekend was the Big Easy Bash in New Jersey.  How I wish I could've attended, but they limited the number of people that could go. . And, well, let's face it...I couldn't afford to go. hahaha. They really need to do something big on the West Coast again, even though it wouldn't include a tour of the Breyer offices and such.  And they need to do it with giving me enough notice ahead of time that I could go.  Oh well.  Maybe they'll have another Passage to the Pacific, maybe not.  They used to have Breyerfest West or whatever it was called, but they stopped doing that several years ago.  Attendees were given a tour of the archive room and allowed to see some of what's planned for the future, but they weren't allowed to take pictures.  I don't know if I would've been able to keep myself from doing that.  Apparently some people were trying to be sneaky with their cell phones, but as far as I know, no pictures have cropped up yet.

Anyway, so there was some pretty cool models to be had during the weekend and I wanted to share some of them.  None of the pictures are mine, they come from different people on Blab, but I've indicated who shared them.
by PolarVrtX
The two on the left were the "celebration" model Cafe Au Lait.  He turned out real nice and if you notice, the one on the left appears to be a little darker than the other one.  The blue and white Sherman Morgan on top of the Fjord and the 3 traditionals on the right are all from the "special run" store as are the two little paint Stablemates. 
by wcpegasus
 I really like the bay Totilas and wouldn't mind finding one on the secondary market somewhere down the line, but we shall see.  Not many of them were made and they seemed to be pretty popular.

**edited** This guy is named Excalibur and was the table centerpiece that one person at each table won in a drawing. Orrdinarily I don't really care for the mold, but the color is quite delicious (thank you to Niki for providing the info!)
by wcpegasus
 One blabber, when she opened her package for Cafe Au Lait got an interesting surprise
by RebeccaAnn414
This is the next model in the Greek Goddess series...Aphrodite.  There's some speculation as to whether this was a goof or intentional, but a lot of people are looking forward to the next drawing for this series, me included.  I don't have any on the mold, but I'll definitely be entering.

Finally, they had a couple of small Stablemate offerings.  The first one is on the Chrome mold from Breyerfest last year and one I hope to conga, but I don't know if I'll add this one in the future.  The color is kind of...not really my thing.  His name is Bourbon Street
by jkira
But this other one...Moon Pie...I have one coming.  Hopefully she'll be mailed today.  I spent more on it than I normally would a Stablemate, but only 200 were made and the price I paid seemed to be the going rate everyone who was selling theirs for.  I did see a couple at higher prices on MH$P so I'm glad I held out a little while longer.  Of course, if I waited even longer I probably would've gotten a better price, but again,  only 200 were made.  The mold is Dungaree and is also from 2013 BF, which I also have.  Actually, I have 2.  hahaha.
by PolarVrtX
My weekend was pretty good.  It rained off and on all day Saturday.  A small tornado touched down about 5 or so miles east of us.  And we didn't just get some rain.  When it rained it really came down
It was pretty cool.  The airport recorded almost an inch of rain, which is almost a record.  Or maybe it did break a record.  I don't remember.  But boy did it pour.  And we got some thunder and lightning, too.  Not much lightning, but some.

Well, it's Monday.  I'd better get some work done today, don't you think?  hahaha.


  1. I don't know if I would be happy or aggravated that I got Aphrodite instead of Cafe Au Lait. Yes, I wanted to go too.

  2. I don't know how I'd feel either. You might have to give up Aphrodite to get Cafe Au Lait and I think I'd rather keep Aphrodite with the hopes of buying Cafe down the road since Aphrodite is through a drawing.

  3. The gray Legionario is the table centerpiece (there were 20) that one person at each table won. His name is Excalibur and he's a potrait of one of the Medieval Times horses.

    Boubon Street was the centerpiece for the Premier Event in 2002 he was the same mold as but in the purple and gold that the mini ones were this year.

  4. Ahhh. Ok. Thank you for explaining that, Niki. I really appreciate it.