Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Birthday...

To me.  At 10:21pm on April 1st, 1970 I entered  the  world at Seattle's  Northwest Hospital.  My mom is fond of reminding me that I  interrupted  a Glenn Campbell concert on TV and that  I almost  didn't  wait for the doctor, apparently  thinking  being  born in an elevator  to be more fun.  I would  be the 2nd and final child for my parents, who'd  already  been  "blessed" with a boy almost  3 years prior.  I  write it like that because I'm  the younger sibling and we had the typical  relationship  of kids, fighting and stuff.  In addition  to  today  being  my birthday, it is also the 5 year  anniversary  of  my  dad's  death.  He died on March 31st, but the date on his death  certificate  was April 1st.  I've  never  been  fond of my birthdate because  of all the practical  jokes people play on each other and the teasing I  still receive.  But I  digress...

I was born to love horses.  My mom, having lived on a farm and riding  the  plow horses, gave me the horse lover gene, although it was actually  my dad who took me riding most often.  It was on one of the family farms in Minnesota, when I  was  just 4 years old, that I  road a real horse for the first time.  My mom keeps saying it was just a pony, but I  remember  it to be a full-sized one.  Of course, being only 4 it probably seemed a lot bigger.  The ride was short and consisted of my mom's  cousin  leading the horse around the yard for a few minutes, but it's  one of my earliest memories.  There are no photos of me from that month spent in Minnesota  back in 1974 and only 2 of my brother.  There are a couple  of  ones from the drive there, but those weren't  horse-related.  Hahaha.  That's  what  it comes down to, isn't  it?

The last time I  rode a horse was for my 29th birthday.  A friend from high school I  had re-connected with at our 10 year reunion booked us a 4 hour lunch ride in the Superstition  Mountains.  My horse was a large Thoroughbred  named Larry.  The picture you see as my avatar is me on that ride.

Today I  am 45.

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