Monday, April 13, 2015

World Cup in Las Vegas

The Longines FEI World Cup finals are getting ready to start on Wednesday, although  the  actual  competition  doesn't  start  until  Friday...I'm  not  going  to  be  there  more than likely.  Not unless  I  can  figure  out  some  way to get my mom to "allow" me to go.  I  was telling  her  about  it  when  I  got  home  from  work  and  she  said  "And you want to go..."  I told her they  never  have  competitions  of this magnitude  in this  area  of the country.  I  said  I wanted  to  go  but  "My mom won't  let me." and she laughed.  In all seriousness, though, I  know  I  could  go if I  really  want   to.  And I  want  to, but I  don't  know  if  I  want  to  spend  the  money  to  go.  I just  worked  2 Saturdays  doing  OT at work to build up my bank account  and I  don't  want  to  blow it all in one overnight  trip to Las Vegas.

So, what are my options...?  It doesn't  appear  as though  any  of  it will  be  broadcast  on  TV...not in the US anyway.  On the World Cup's Facebook  page  someone  asked  if anything  was going  to  be  broadcast  and I  replied  to  her comment  with  one of my own.  Well, today they confirmed it would streamed live on 3 different  websites  for a fee, which  sucks, but I can  deal  with that.    So I followed  a link to the apps you need to watch  the  live stream and guess what?  My Samsung Tab 4 is NOT compatible  with  the  app.  So now I'm  trying  to  charge  my iPad  mini  to  see  if  that  will  work  because  the  website  says the app is also iOS compatible.  Unfortunately, I  haven't  used  it  in  awhile  and  so the battery  was completely  drained.  Hopefully  it will w
ork.  If I'm  unable  to  watch  it  online...then I  guess I'll  go back to trying  to  decide  if  I  want  to  just  go  to  Vegas.

Early Saturday  40 horses left the airport in the Netherlands, bound for Las Vegas.  Because  of  time  zones  and  such, they arrived  less  than  2 hours after  they  left Europe.  Can  you  say  Jet Lag?  And while  Totilas  won't  be  there, his former  rider  Edward Gal will be.  Good luck to everyone!  I will, of course, be cheering  for  Steffen Peters to win Dressage and several  riders for Show Jumping.  Hahahaha.

Before I  go  I will  leave  you  with  some  pictures  of  the  European  horses  during their travels.  Tomorrow or Wednesday  I'll  share some photos  of  the  US riders.

Getting ready for the flight...
Loading into a special designed  stall
Convoy of jet stalls.  Wouldn't  this be neat to see?
Inside the Boeing 777...empty
Loading  the  transport  stalls
Trailers waiting  at McCarron for the horses
Valegro, aka Blueberry, from Carl Hester Dressage is sprung from quarrantine  today  by his groom Alan C Davies.  

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