Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another victory for the Wild Ones...

The forest service guys have decided to take a step back and reevaluate plans to round-up the wild horses along the Salt and Verde Rivers (aside from the fact that legally they can't do anything right now because of the injunction)
 Photos by ME!!!!  PLEASE don't  take without permission
Both of these pictures are mine and aren't  for use without permission.

Anyway, according to the article they have decided to work with citizens and the activist groups.  Gee, if you'd  done that to begin with rather than be underhanded and sneaky, it would've  saved a lot of time, energy and HEARTACHE.


Forest Service backs away from wild horse roundup

The Tonto National Forest on Thursday appeared to have backed away from a plan to round-up free-roaming horses along the Salt River, citing the strong public backlash.
Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., on Thursday provided The Arizona Republic with a statement from Neil Bosworth, Tonto National Forest’s supervisor, saying, “We appreciate the local community’s feedback and we’ve decided to take another look at the proposed gathering of stray horses at Tonto National Forest."

Isaac Hale/The Republic
Salt River Horses trot around at Butcher Jones Recreational Area in Tonto National Forest located near Mesa on Aug. 4, 2015.
"The Forest Service will continue to engage with the local community, state and federal officials to explore potential alternatives for meeting our obligations for both land stewardship and public safety."
U.S. Forest Service officials were not immediately available to elaborate on Bosworth’s statement.
Earlier Thursday, a legal request to halt the removal of 100 free-roaming horses near the Salt River was temporarily denied by a judge, according to a statement from a local horse advocacy group.
The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group went to federal court seeking an injunction late Tuesday that would halt the Tonto National Forest Service’s plan to remove the horses in an area near Bush Highway in the far East Valley.
That request was temporarily denied Wednesday morning, until the defendants in the case are properly served. They were expected to be served today, according to the statement from the Wild Horse Management Group’s lawyer.
“It is not permanently denied,” the statement said. “The judge simply advised us that we need to properly serve our defendants before any decision can be made.”
Wild horses of Salt River


  1. I like in that second picture of yours how the horses' necks mimic the tree branches behind them. I saw someone in a news cast about the wild horses standing in the background filming or taking pictures with a mobile phone who looked like your picture here on this blog, and I wondered if it was you. Your other post made it sound like you were actively protesting.

  2. Hahaha. You're right, it does look like their necks are mimicing the tree branches, especially Jax (the grey). I was going to go out to the protest, but then I found out there were supposed to be more than 500 people going out and that place just can't accomodate that many people. I'm sorry if my last post made it sound like I was actively protesting, it wasn't meant to be. I am doing my part, though, by signing petitions, sharing the story and contacting people who I think can help on a larger scale.

  3. Very nice photos.
    When I started my blog I noticed that any photo I posted could be pinned (whether I like it or not), so my admittedly weak solution was to add a photo copyright credit directly onto any photo that I took myself.
    If any of them get used in any way, at least they are credited back to my blog. Or, if the person using my photo is a total jerk he could photoshop OUT the credit, but that'd be bad manners & bad karma for them.

  4. Thank you. Yeah, I figured there's only so much I can do to prevent someone from taking my pictures if they really wanted them, but I wasn't going to hamd them over on a silver platter. I would like to share more of my wild horse pictures, but I don't want people taking them. It's kind of a catch-22. I've thought of outting a copyright of some sort so I would feel comfortable posting them here again. At least on my SmugMug site they're right-click protected, which is a little comforting, but they're also not web searchable.