Thursday, September 19, 2013

So very tempting...

I don't know why I do it to myself, but I suppose I just can't help it.  <sigh>  I have NO willpower.  Well, I guess I do have some because I haven't bought every single pretty pony I've seen that I want.  No, the "no willpower" is looking.  I shouldn't even window shop because it makes me down that I can't buy when I want to.  Not right now anyway.

What am I talking about?  Stone Horses, of course!  I looked on the Stone Ponys website to see if there was anything new to look at and found two things.  The first is what they are calling a project book.
The description from the site looks kind of neat...
**In this book you will find a wealth of horse related learning opportunities, group and individual activities, and hands-on projects.  Adults with an interest in the model horse hobby will find valuable information here too.  Learn about showing your own model horse.**
The book is only $7.99 this weekend so I'm awfully tempted to buy it.  I'm not sure if it's worth the money since I don't know quite the inside is all about or even how big/thick it is, but it still looks interesting.

But then, of course, I had to look at the horses and I found this one called Castile
I just lubs him!  Very pretty caramel color and I love the facial markings and expression.  So I thought...hey!  I can do layaway!  But then I saw I have to put 50% down and that's just not in the budget this week.  I have to pay rent with this paycheck so all I can hope for is he'll be available in two weeks.  <sigh>  He's so pretty, though, isn't he?

Well, I'd better get to work.  Yay!  My friend and I decided that we wanted to spend at least one night at a fancy resort we used to work at (we weren't allowed to stay there when we worked there, but we could stay at other properties in the Marriott chain) so I need to earn my paycheck to be able to afford it.  hahaha.  No, it's not that expensive and we won't even be doing it until next summer, know.   If I don't have anything to blog about tomorrow then I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!  I get to do laundry.  YAY.



  1. Looking is the devil. He sits on one shoulder saying "get him, get him" and the other shoulder, the shoulder of reality says "uh first you have this bill, that bill and another bill and what if blah blah blah."

    The book is probably pretty basic if that is of any help and that horse...oh heck, someone will PIF you him in the future. Or there will just be another you like as much. Temptation stinks!!!

    My new motto: No More Ponies!! Resist!!

  2. I decided to go ahead and buy the book. I wish, though, I'd paid more attention to the shipping cost. It's almost twice the cost of the book itself so it better be a pretty substantial book, I tell you what!

    As for someone PIFing me the pony...that's not likely, but thank you for the encouragement not to buy. I need it. A LOT! hahaha. But it was buying a Stone horse at the wrong time that got me in the mess I'm in right now and I'm almost clawed out. hahahaha.

  3. Found a Moonraker (glossy) for 30 dollars on MH$P. I wasn't interested....but I thought that you might be because you talked about it a few posts ago. I don't know who was selling it.

  4. well, I forgot who was selling it.

  5. You are very welcome!! I LOVE your blog!! I look forward to it everyday.

  6. Wow, really? Thank you so much. That totally made my day!