Monday, October 26, 2015

MOAR Liebster fun!

**oops! I started this last night and was unable to finish it and forgot all about it until I was looking at DressageKid's blog and saw her post about the Liebster Award so now I'm finishing it up.**

Weird.  I don't know why the text came out that way, with part of it being blue and part of it being bolded.

I was nominated also by DressageKid.  THANK YOU!

Okay, so I'm going to cheat a bit.  I started answering questions then realized I was answering the wrong ones so I'm going to do her questions first then the ones I already started.  Hehehehe.

1. Who is your favorite horse, model or real?
Model: Totilas
Real:  Legolas 92, I guess

2. Where do you want to go, any world, any place, any time?

3. Are you an only child or do have siblings?
I have an older brother

4. If all of your models were real, which one would you want to ride, show, etc.?
I don't know.  Either Bolya because of her cool color or Stud Spider because he's a solid looking horse.  I think I would show Stud Spider in Extreme Trail but I bet he'd do well in Hunter Eq because of his fairly flashy color

5. How did you get started in the hobby?
Depends on your definition of hobby.  Just as a collector?  I think I was at a toy store or someplace that had Breyers and I begged for one.

6. Who was your first model?
Well, Fleck the Family Arab Stallion was purchased before I was born but I didn't get him until I was 14.  The first that I actually had a conscious knowledge of...?  Halla, maybe?

7. What was your best model purchase?
A 2013 grey CC Shuffle and 2005 JCP Holiday Catalog Lady Phase for $160ppd

8. What's the worst thing you've ever bought?
Model?  I don't think I have a worst

9. Favorite tv show?
I have several but Cops is probably at the top

10. What is your least favorite Breyer mold, horse, and color?
There's several molds I don't like, no matter what the color, but Ashquar is probably at the top of the list.  No matter what color they put him in, I just can't get past the pose and that weird head.  Hahaha.


1: Best model horse buy?
Hmmm.  I think the 2013 Breyerfest CC Shuffle in grey and the 2005 JCP Lady Phase.  I got them both for $160 including postage.  I've been wanting the grey one since it came out but the cost has been higher than I really wanted to pay.

2: Ever had a model horse barn set up?
No.  Although I've always wanted one.

3: Any Peter Stone models?
7 ISH and 1 Arabian that I did in DAH to resemble *Muscat, a pure Russian stallion who used to live in Arizona. 

4: How many Schleichs (if any) do you have?
I am not sure.  The Schleichs I have are maybe all wildlife animals like ones you'd find in a zoo.  But I don't know which are Schleich and which are Papo.  Hahaha
5: Favourite type of horse riding? E.g barrel racing, dressage, jumping…
I grew up riding Western because in Arizona, unless you have your own horse or take lessons at a multi-discipline barn, it's what you do.  That being said, I prefer English.  I have ridden English a couple of times and both times ended with me in the dirt, but I still prefer that style.

6: Ever been to Breyerfest? (Or any other model horse event)
Not Breyerfest or other Breyer-sanctioned event, but I have been to fairly big live shows in Oceanside, CA and Las Vegas, NV.
7: Least favourite horse colour?
I don't think I have a least favorite color

8: If you could design a Regular Model for Breyer, what would it’s mold, colour, eye colour and markings be?
Oh, that's a tough one

9: Do you have a subscription to a horse or craft magazine?
At one time I subscribed to Dressage Today, Paint Horse Journal, Horse Illustrated, Young Rider, Horse & Rider, Trail Rider Magazine and one for appies, but currently I am only receiving miniatures magazines. I need to re-subscribe to Trail Rider, though.

10: Favourite thing about the model horse hobby
How so many people are willing to help other hobbyists in need.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! That Roxy was a great deal!!!!

    1. You're welcome. I enjoy things like that.

      I thought so, too. They were mailed off today and are supposed to arrive on Wednesday. Yay!