Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I won...

I didn't enter for Zeus because I don't like the mold
I sort of liked Poseidon so I entered a few times for myself but agreed to let a friend have it who really wanted it
The third in the series was a lovely glossy palomino by the name of Apollo.  I thought he was neat, but not really too interested in him and agreed to enter for the same person I entered in Poseidon for
I didn't win any of them, but fortunately my friend I was entering for did.  Which is good, especially for Apollo, since she congas that mold.  Then along came Dionysus.  Originally I thought I might enter for him and use him to try to get a Mother Lode Lady Phase, but when a couple of people contacted me and offered to sell me their Mother Lode for $400, I knew I wouldn't be able to make an across-the-board trade.  Then, in a blab thread, I mentioned I was surprised my friend hadn't asked me to enter for her and she said it was because she'd read I was going to try to use him for trade and I said I would enter for her and she could have him if I won because I couldn't afford to buy him on the off chance I'd be able to find someone with another model I wanted who wanted Dionysus.  I didn't think I'd win him anyway, so imagine my surprise when I got this email
Yup.  I won him.  I like the color of the model, but not the mold itself so I have no problem passing him along.  I sent "S" a PM asking if she wanted him then was reading the various posts and threads on Blab from people who either were looking for him or had him and were looking to sell him.  A couple already increased the price, but I wouldn't do that unless I already had him in my possession.  But that's just me and I'm not criticizing them or anything, just saying what I've seen already.  Anyway, this morning I got a response from "S" saying she wants him and is working out payment with her husband so hopefully it works out.  If it doesn't, I also received a PM from another Blabber looking to buy him from me.  I'd rather sell him to a Blabber than him going to some random person on the waiting list.  Hopefully the 5th Greek horse will be a mold I like and will win, but that's a couple of months off.

Speaking of trading models.  While looking at various threads on Blab yesterday I saw someone was looking to trade their Mother Lode Lady Phase in Buckskin for a Premier Club Kalahkaari AND Currituck.  Uhm...what?  I'm guessing she's thinking that since the ML is only 1 of 100 and the going price on the secondary market is a minimum of $400 she thinks it's a fair trade...and that's her right to try to trade like that...but I think she's getting the better end of the deal.  While the ML might be up for sale for $400, she only paid $175 for it, which is the same as the two Premier Club models each...or were they more?  I don't know.  I'm not a member so I don't know how much they ended up costing.  Oh well.

Anyway, everyone is getting excited for Breyerfest, which is next weekend.  I keep wobbling back and forth between trying to go next year and not.  I still have some time to decide.  The flight would be a big deal for me, that's for sure.  But it'll be the 25th anniversary and I'd really like to attend one.  I just wish it was something driveable.  People from the west coast DO drive to Breyerfest, but it'd be such a long drive and I don't want to be gone that long.  <sigh>  We'll see.

Today's temperature is "only" supposed to reach 105 today with a chance for rain.  In July that means it's going to be sticky, too.  Yes, folks, it's not always a "dry heat" here in Arizona.  We do get humidity.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  Anyone who says it's a dry heat has never been here during Monsoon Season
The plus to the clouds is that I'm picking up more chatter on my scanner that I don't usually get while at work so that's good.

Happy Wednesday!  Is it Friday yet?  ;)

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