Friday, July 12, 2013

The mechanical horse still exists!

Depending on how old you are, and possibly where you live in the country, you may or may not remember those mechanical horse rides that used to be in front of almost every grocery store (and our local Sears had one inside the store!) for usually 25cents a ride.
I can remember constantly bugging my parents to give me a quarter so I could ride one when we went shopping and I could be kept entertained by them for a good hour.  It wasn't as fun as riding the real thing, but it was better than trying to ride one of my Breyers (no, i didn't even try! hahaha).  But, as you grow up, you outgrow the mechanical horses.  Not necessarily mentally/emotionally, but physically and then one day, you don't see them anymore.  I can't remember the last time I saw one.

Until today.  At lunch I decided to go to Dairy Queen (I know, bad Brenda!) and as I was walking up to the restaurant I stopped in my tracks.  I couldn't believe my eyes!
And LOOK!  It's still just 25cents!  Granted, I don't know if it even works, but I don't care.  I still think it's pretty neat.  I wonder if there's someplace I could buy one, just for shits and giggles.  hahaha.  I probably couldn't afford it anyway.  But seeing this guy brought back such memories.  :)

I'll have a fairly busy weekend.  Tomorrow is laundry day plus I have to get my car emmissions tested.  Oh joy.  Keep your fingers crossed it passes.  My registration is up for renewal by the end of the month so hopefully all will go well.

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