Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New to the herd...

About 2 months ago I ordered my first Design A Horse from the Stone Pony website.  After considering the color options, I did an internet search to make sure the colors/markings I wanted were realistic.  I guess, though, that's a cool thing about the DAH program is that you can get colors and markings that wouldn't necessarily happen in real life.  Of course, if you show your horses you'll want the realism and even though I don't show I still like realism.  Anyway, this is the picture I very loosely based my DAH on...
I knew my model wouldn't look exactly like the above picture, but I was hoping for a nice dapple grey.  Well, I didn't exactly get that.  Oh, it's still a nice dapple grey, but it looks nothing like the above picture.  hahaha.

You can't see his dapples all that well, but trust me, they're there and he's a LOT darker than I was expecting.  Overall, though, I was pretty happy with this guy, who (whom?) I named DHR Silver Sensation, barn name Gypsy (that's the name my mom gave him).  He has some real nice shading and I like the lighter shade mane and tail that is kind of two-toned.  I'm not too happy about the rub on one of his back heels and the hooves kind of blend into the rest of his body color-wise.  I really want the 2013 blaze, but was afraid it wouldn't show up on a lighter colored face like this one and so I went with a star and snip.  I think it suits him, but I'm still waiting for that epic opportunity to get the "perfect" color to put the 2013 blaze on.  I don't think I'll be buying too many DAHs, though, unless it really "talks" to me.

So while I was getting ready to take pictures of Gypsy it occurred to me I had a couple of other horses I hadn't posted photos of.  So here they are.  A couple of months late, but that's better than nothing, right?  First up is Kalahkaari.  I had actually came up with a different name for him, but I didn't write it down so now I don't remember what it was.  hahaha.

And the other was the model I got as a gift last month from a buddy on Blab.  Buttercream is on the Idocus mold and is really neat looking.  I fell in love with him when I saw a picture of him on Blab and put in my signature line that I was looking for one.  Well, Krista saw I wanted one and she had one and decided to gift him to me.
He looks better in person.  I'm not too good with indoor photography.  I'm just so tickled Krista would give him to me, especially since he usually goes for at least $80 on the secondary market.  It was really sweet and generous and hopefully one day soon I can think of some way to return the niceness.

So, yesterday we get an invitation for a meeting in one of the conference rooms.  I didn't look to see who all was invited and just assumed that since it was from my supervisor it would just be my unit.  Imagine my surprise when people from 2 other units were there, too.  The director of our division started off by telling us it was nothing bad and we shouldn't panic.  After talking about room and space and such at our other building, they finally got around to telling us that Operations (my division) will be moving back to the main building.  I was quite surprised.  We have a lease (an expensive lease, at that) with this building until June 2015, but they're going to start transitioning us back to the main campus, which is owned by our parent company.  My unit is expected to make the move in April 2014, but could be moved back sooner than that.  For the most part, I know it's a good thing.  There's underground parking.  A cafe.  It's greener over there and more walker friendly.  It's closer to restaurants and stores.  And we won't feel so cut off from the rest of the company.  I kind of like the building we're at now, but it'll be good to be back at the main building.  A bummer, though, is that I have some friends in a couple of other units and while they'll be moving to the same building, we'll be in different areas so I won't be able to see or talk to them very often.  We won't be that far apart, but there's little chance of running into them in the halls like what happens in the current building.  Oh well.  I guess I'll deal.

The weather yesterday was quite pleasant for early August.  It didn't get above 85 or 86 and was just generally a rather pleasant day weather-wise.  Unfortunately by this time next week it's *supposed* to be back up into the triple digits...109.  Yuck.  But Fall is just around the corner so I'm happy for that.  This summer hasn't been too terribly bad, but I'm still ready for it to be over.

Happy Wednesday!

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