Friday, November 22, 2013

Today's Blog Post is Brought To You By the Letter..."R"

"R" is for rain, which is what we're having today and I didn't want to bring my camera from my car to the building where I work as I don't have adequate protection for it.  Yes, I have an umbrella, but it doesn't work very well when it's windy and pushing the rain sideways. 

I had yesterday off and went out horse hunting...I took this picture with my cell phone...A cute little Section D Welsh Cob I found near one of the lakes in Papago Park...

It's supposed to rain for most of the weekend.  Oh joy!  Today we're very short-staffed.  Double oh joy!  The owner of No Line Farms blog, Christine, posted a photo for me on her blog of a horse in a field being snowed on...they're getting snow and I'm getting rain.  We're getting snow about 2 1/2 hours north of us in Flagstaff, but all we have is rain.  Where's the justice in that, I ask you?

I'll hopefully have more pictures from yesterday's exploits for you on Monday...Have a good weekend.

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