Friday, June 13, 2014

Breyerfest Live Auction

People have been chomping at the bit, wondering when the live auction models would be released and today is the day. 
Looking at the logo for the 25th Silver Anniversary, there's quite a resemblance
The Breyer Facebook page says Tom Bainbridge painted him during his visit at Big Easy Bash, but I have to wonder if he was asked to paint it grey to match the logo, or if it's just a coincidence...?  Either way, it's a nice model with wonderful coloring and I don't generally like this mold.  I like the new swishy tail and different mane and if I were going to Breyerfest, I likely would bid on him.  Not much, mind you, but just for the heck of it!  Good luck to all who enter the Silent Auction for this beauty!

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