Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Should've Taken A Picture...

Ugh! So, here I was at work, doing some legal invoices and eating my Raisin Bran Crunch cereal for breakfast. Somehow, I'm still not real sure how it happened, but I managed to bump the cereal cup on my desk and it tipped over. For several seconds I just stared as milk and cereal went everywhere. I managed to keep it from reaching my computer or keyboard, but it did get my mouse a little. No big deal. But that's not the worst part...well, aside from my breakfast now being GONE, a bunch of the pictures I had under this plastic desk mat are ruined. :( I had a picture of a horse from a notebook cover, a bookmark with a tiger on it, a picture a bobcat who is very hard to get a good picture of at the zoo...all ruined. I was able to salvage a notebook cover with a pair of cheetahs on it, a picture of a bald eagle from the zoo and my picture of a king cobra with his hood spread that I got at a reptile sanctuary. My desk is sticky and I'm still hungry. Plus I got milk on my pants. I should've taken a picture. hahaha. Oh well.

Earlier this morning I noticed there was an email in the "promotions" folder of my Lotus Notes. It's usually garbage but I decided to see what it was and saw it was from Southwest Airlines telling me they were having a fare sale with prices starting as low as $49. The last couple of times I got those emails, a roundtrip ticket to San Diego was still almost $200 and figured it would be that way again but I decided to look anyway and O.M.G! I was able to get a roundtrip ticket to San Diego for $98!!!!!!!! It hasn't been that cheap in several years. So then I had to book my hotel and rent the car right away so I know it's done. I'm going in early November in hopes of seeing some of that 3 Day Event I mentioned in an earlier post. I need to go see the new Tiger Trails at the Wild Animal Park and I'd like to go see a sanctuary called Lions Tigers and Bears. I would like to go to the zoo, but we'll have to see what I can schedule.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Until next time!

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