Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Cool Video Wednesday

Well, it looks like Blogger is back to normal.  I checked in this morning...just now, actually...and saw multiple blogs listed that had updated.  Yay!

So anyway, today's RCVW is brought to you by BrownEyedCountryGurl.  I enjoy watching videos like this and wish I could ride a horse through a drive-through again.  I say again because when I was 14, I think, my dad, brother and I rented horses from a local stable for two hours and because the stable was close enough, we rode them to our house.  That was actually the main purpose of that particular ride.  Anyway, on our way to the house, we decided to go through the drive-through of a liquor store because we knew the guy who was working at the time and we thought it would be fun.

Something that impressed me about this incident is that the horse is being ridden with a bitless bridle  and the horse was very well-behaved even with the cars creeping up around him.  At one point, you can see a Pontiac get a little close to them, but the Nissan you see a short time later keeps a respectable distance back.  I also like the horse itself.  I'm a sucker for Paints.  :)

So there you have it.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.  I didn't listen to it with the sound so I don't know if there's stupid commentary on it or anything.

The clock is counting down to our move to the main building.  I spent much of the morning packing up my desk and I only have one drawer left plus labeling the bigger stuff like my computer and chair.  I'm excited for the move, but it's going to suck not seing my friends whenever I want.  Even when they move over in January, they'll be in a different part of the building.  I'll be able to see them, just not as conveniently as I can now.  I have stuff I'm going to take to Goodwill and when I re-open my desk space on Monday I'm going to have a slightly different decorating scheme.  I'll take pictures, although I should have taken one of what my desk used to look like.  Oh well.  Too late now because I'm not going to put everything back up!  hahahah. 

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

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