Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Random Cool Video Wednesday...

This was just too cute not to share.

I don't know how he managed to maintain his composure...not a peep out of him.

I had intended to post this much earlier. Like before I left home this morning. But I was running late and completely forgot. I had the day off and went on a horse hunt. I won't reveal my success or failure just yet. Just remember, not every hunt ends in success and I post about my failures, too. :D. In addition to my hunt, I took a boat tour of a local lake. I wasn't sure it was going to happen because the website said if less than ten people booked the tour they'd cancel and re-schedule. Well, I can't just take random days off in hopes that the tour sells enough tickets so I feared I'd have to eat the $20 price. Fortunately that didn't happen and I had a nice trip where I even learned some interesting tidbits about Arizona history. I hope to have some of those pictures up tomorrow, along with the highlight of the trip, which I won't mention until I post the pictures. I apologize if my secretiveness is annoying, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. And if it makes you feel any better...I got too much sun today and now I feel sick. Blech.

Well, I hope everyone's Wednesday has been a good one.

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