Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's a random stuff kind of day...

After getting my laundry started this morning I went outside with the dogs so they could get rid of some of their puppy energy.  We found out yesterday that Dyna weighs 66lbs and Harley is 75lbs.  75 pounds!  And they're still growing!  Greater Swiss Mountain dogs can weigh up to 150 pounds but hopefully they'll take more after the Labrador part of them.  It was nice sitting outside with them.  The temperature was only about 63 or so.

Yesterday, the ban in Arizona on same sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional and so now it's allowed.  I grew up having several gay friends and it makes me happy that they can now marry the person they love and can finally enjoy many of the benefits of heterosexual couples, which is what most same sex couples have wanted.  The same rights that they couldn't have because they weren't married.  Also, while he doesn't agree with the ruling, the state Attorney General will not file an appeal.  He said it would be unethical and a waste of tax-payer money.  There are now 31 states that allow same sex marriage.  I don't know that it'll ever be allowed in all 50 states, but you never know.

So yesterday I went to Blab.  I don't go there very often anymore, for reasons I won't get into here since some people there visit my blog, but I went yesterday.  There was a thread about the new 2015 Breyers were starting to be revealed, but mostly it was about the new Collector Club program and the annual exclusive model.  I got last year's model, Rajah, and I will get the 2015 one.  It's a pretty palomino paint on the Latigo mold
I can't wait!  My membership had expired back in June so by renewing after August I am now eligible to join the Premier and/or Vintage clubs should I choose to do so and I won't have to re-new a 2 month old Collector Club membership to do so.  Also, the cover of JAH was shown and it's guessed to be the 2014 edition
Jennifer B. from Braymere Custom Saddlery made the tack.  So talented.  This is her 2nd JAH cover in a row.  The model itself is also creating quite a buzz.  It's the Carrick mold, but on a color that hasnt been released yet and people are wondering if this is the first regular run release.  I hope so.  It's a great color.  The email sent out about the new Collector Club said that there would be another event like Passage to the Pacific and Big Easy Bash will be in the Fall of 2015.  Nobody knows where it will be, but if it's on this side/half of the country I may see if I can go.  I guess I would need to decide how far I'd be willing to travel and go from there.  Colorado.  California.  Washington.  Oregon. Utah.  New Mexico.  Texas.  All places I'd easily be able to go to.  I'd have to give up my San Francisco lighthouse/zoo trip in the Summer of 2015, but I think I'd be willing to do that.  But if it's further east such as Illinois, Minnesota,  Florida etc then the cost would be too much.  I'll likely be making car payments again so I'd be limited on how far I can travel due to cost.  Hopefully,  though, it'll be on this side of the country since BEB was on the East Coast.   We will just have to wait and see, I guess.

So, this morning on my Facebook there was a post by St Augustine Lighthouse that I kind of wish I hadn't seen.  A winery in Florida created a special bottle and a portion of the sales will go to the preservation society for the lighthouse.  I don't care about the wine, I want the bottle!

Pretty neat, huh?  I looked at the winery's website to see if they have online sales and they do, but they dont ship to Arizona.  Waaaaaa!  That's not fair!!!!  I wish i knew someone in Florida that could get me a bottle and mail it to me, but i don't.   Besides, if there's some kind of state law about shipping to Arizona I wouldn't want it to be confiscated.  Here's a picture of St Augustine Lighthouse, just because
Today is Opening Day for Turf Paradise, our local Thoroughbred race track.  It's their 59th yer.  Pretty cool, for sure, but I think I've mentioned before that I don't watch or support horse racing anymore.  The track is givjng free stuff away, but nothing that would make me say "wow! I need that!"

The new riding stable at Saguaro Lake Ranch is now open.  Today is their open house.  I thought about going, but decided not to.  Why?  I don't know.   I have my laundry to do and I don't really like going places on laundry days.  Silly, I know, but I never claimed to be a totally rational person.  I'm a red-headed Pollack...i can hve my quirks.  Hahahaha.

Well, I guess that's it for now.  I hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. Find someone to drink the wine then send you the bottle. I don't go much to the forums either, for various reasons.

  2. Yeah, i thought about that, but i dont know that many people. I have a super close friend in utah, but no deliveries to utah. I have another good friend in virginia, but they dont drink wine and she'd want to keep the bottle herself because she's a lighthouse nut, too.

  3. Looks like the winery ships to California. And California has no laws against shipping to Arizona. Would be more than happy to help you out :)

  4. You would? How incredibly nice of you to offer. I just did the math, though, and it would cost almost $50 for the cost of the wine plus shipping from the winery to you and you to me and that's just a bit much just so I can have a lighthouse-shaped bottle. Thank you so much for the offer, though. I really appreciate it!

  5. Of course I would - I like helping out my fellow hobbyists whenever I can! Offer is there should you ever change you mind =)

  6. Thank you, Sarah. I will definitely let you know if i change my mind.