Saturday, April 25, 2015

The post that wasn't...

I worked some overtime at work today and was able to watch all of the Cross Country phase of this weekend's  Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.  I was happy.  In between  paying  legal invoices, I  jotted  down notes about things I  wanted  to  mention  in my blog post...and I  still have that piece  of  paper  in  the  pocket  of  the  shorts  I'm  still  wearing...but it's  going  to  have  to  wait  a few days.

Our weather  has been crazy.  Yesterday  we had a brief rainstorm and the temperature  was below average.  Today it was overcast and again  we had below-average  temperatures  but not only that, some areas  of  the  state got snow!  Snow at the end of April!  And the level  was fairly low...6,500 feet.  Too high for my neck of the woods, but only about a 2 hour drive.

On another note...I'm  thinking  I might like  to  attend  the  RK3DE...maybe next year.  It's  held  at the Kentucky Horse Park, which is the same place as Breyerfest, and I  have  been  wanting to attend  Breyerfest  since the first one 25 years ago and have yet to get myself  out there.  And I'd  still  like  to  go, but I  think  I'd  rather  go to RK3DE.  Mostly  the Cross Country phase.  After  it's  done  for the day, the spectators  get  to  walk  the  course  and get up-close views of the obstacles...I  like  stuff  like  that.  One year, I  got to enter the elephant  yard at my local zoo to hide treats for them and thought  it  was  the  neatest  thing.  We'll have to see.  There's  a 3 star event much closer  to me, but the big names are at 4 star events like Rolex.  I  still  have  lots  of  time  to  decide, though.  1 year until the next Rolex and 15 months until BF 2016.

Right now I'm  watching  a new cheesy  giant  reptile  movie.  Lake Placid vs Anaconda. No, I'm  not  kidding.  Apparently  they decided  that  after, what, 4 Lake Placid movies  and  at least as many Anaconda  movies, nothing was left except  to bring the 2 together.  This one stars Robert  Englund aka Freddie Kruger and Corin Nemec from the short-lived series in thw 1990s Parker Lewis Can't Lose.  Apparently  even  Nicki Minaj has a part in it.  Oh joy!  I don't  know  how  much  of it I'll  watch, though, since it's  after 9, this movie just started  and I'm  getting  tired.

I  hope everyone  is  having  a good weekend!  Certainly  better  than  what  mine has turned  out to be (and the reason  why  my Rolex post has to wait).


  1. I hear you about the weather! It's finally easing here but spring seems to be very grudging this year. I can't stay up past 10 anymore so I wouldn't make it through the movie but let me know how it ends. :)

  2. Apparently there was more snow in parts of Arizona today! The movie is being shown at 7pm this evening so I should be able to watch all of it this time around. Usually I won't even start watching a movie if I know, or feel, I can't stay up for the whole thing but I guess curiosity got the best of me with this one. Hahaha. I'll be sure, though, to report back how it turns out :)

  3. Hi, I wanted to let you know that my A Day In The Life Of A Racehorse video is complete. I also posted it on my blog, and I put a little shoutout on there for you! Enjoy!

  4. Oh great! Thank you very much for letting me know.