Friday, July 19, 2013


I am so totally bummed to not be at Breyerfest right now.  So totally bummed.  And to think how close I came to being able to go this year, only to have to make a mature choice to not go because of money.  But I'm so totally bummed.  So.  Totally.  Bummed.

For the past several weeks/months Breyer has been releasing pictures of the special run models that will be available.  All accept one.  They called it CC Shuffle and nobody knew what it would be.  There was a poll on Blab where you could guess...
but there's too many potentials it could be.  Well, when the SR tent opened this morning it was quickly revealed what the CC Shuffle was.  Not one Roxy.  Not two Roxies.  But FOUR Roxy models.  All 4 different paint colors and with different mane and tail types
photo by Attaway1
Aren't they GORGEOUS?????  I only have 2 horses on the Roxy mold, but only because I wasn't collecting when it first came out and I've only been able to get the 2 so far.  Unfortunately, since these will be a limited run and a lot of people seem to conga this mold, the odds of me getting one at a good price are slim to none.  Bummer.  I think my favorite two are the grey and the pinto.  <sigh>  Congrats to everyone who got one.  I'm really hoping to make Breyerfest next year, but I still wish I could be there right now!


  1. Mmm I feel the same every year. Money and time never line up quite right. This year I have bigger priorities (school tuition, ick!) so once again I'm telling myself to go "next year." But... yeah, who knows if THAT will happen, haha!!

    It's fun to live through all the pictures. The Roxy models are gorgeous! I love the one on the bottom left.
    Never say never though! Once the "new and shiney!!" craze dies down one might pop up for you at a good price.

  2. I competly feel your pain, now I am even more upset I SO would have loved to have those horses but sadly Kentucky is a long way from me I'd rather be there anyway then here where it's raining yuck! But oh well maybe one year my lucky stars will line up and I'll be able to go. I I ever find one of these girls up at a reasonable price I'm defiantly going to snatch them up.

  3. Thanks for commiserating with me. I'm definitely going to plan to go next year, but I still wish I was going this year!