Monday, June 23, 2014

Something weird is going on...

With Blogger.  Usually when I go to it shows all the latest posts on blogs I follow but today it's only showing one with a button that says 'view more' but when I click on that nothing happens.  I've tried it on two different computers and three different know, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.  I forget what those are called.  Hahaha.  Anyone else having that problem?  Also, it tells me there's a new post on one of the blogs I follow and let's me read a few lines, but when I click the link for that specific post it says it doesn't exist.  It's very strange.  not to mention very frustrating because that list on my blogger page tells me when someone ha written a new post.  <sigh>


  1. That is sort of happening to me. After I publish my post, I will scroll down my blog and click "older posts"...and it will only work once. When I looked at "blogs I follow" It will only show one post, and when I click 'show more", nothing happens. Hmmmm.....maybe our blogs are getting a virus. ;)

  2. Mine has been doing this since yesterday too. The 'view more' that does nothing :( Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

  3. Thanks, Guys. I'm glad it's not just my computer/blogger account doing weird things. :)