Sunday, September 14, 2014

World Cup Bummer...

So, today, I was watching the American Gold Cup on and there were several of the big name Grand Prix riders competing such as Todd Minikus, Laura Kraut and McLane Ward was supposed to be riding, but he scratched.  Also this weekend was Spruce Meadows, which drew in Reed Kessler and Beezie Madden.   When you ride at that level, how do you decide which one to compete at?   Why is Spruce Meadows more of an interest to Beezie than the American Gold Cup?  I guess I should say congratulations to Jessica Springsteen for her double clear, but when you have supporters who can buy you a horse that's already won an Olympic Gold, you're expected to do well. Her parents were there so they, of course, had to keep showing them and talking about her dad.  Oh well.  It was pretty neat, though, that all six of the riders in the jump-off were Americans.  Briefly Todd Minikus looked like he might finish 2nd, but ended up fourth.  Bummer.  Still in the money and points, but...

Anyway, during the competition they talked about the World Cup in April 2015 that would be taking place in Las Vegas.  For one brief moment I got excited that I could actually go.  And when I saw that they'd be having Grand Prix level Dressage plus excitement went up even higher.  Then I looked at ticket prices and reality hit.  A single ticket for one of the events, either Jumping or Dressage, isn't too terribly expensive...$200...but how can I be expected to pick just one?  I've liked Show Jumping for a lot longer than Dressage, but there are a couple of Grand Prix level Dressage riders I wouldn't mind seeing in person.  They do offer combo tickets where you can see both events, but...that's where reality hit.  A combo ticket plus whatever they call the fee, is just over $400!!!!  Now, don't get me wrong.  I could afford that ticket if I wanted to, but...putting out that much cash, I'd feel I had to spend ALL of my three days there (the competition is longer than that, but that would be my time limit) and I have a feeling I'd get pretty bored after awhile.  I'd also need to see my friend who lives only 2 1/2 hours from Vegas but if I had to spend all my time at the horse show to justify the overall cost, I wouldn't get to see her except at night.  I can try to satisfy myself with local, free shows, but what's wrong with wanting to see the 'Big Boys' ride?   But there's no way a show in Arizona is going to attract Dressage riders like Steffen Peters and Jan Ebeling nor will our jumping competitions attract Margie Engel and Beezie Madden.   I guess I just need to whine.  Before I was born my parents were going to move to Florida with some friends but got hung up in Arizona with car problems and since both had family here so they stayed until they moved back to Seattle and I hatched.  If they had made it to Florida I would've had more big level shows, but no.  I'm stuck in the desert wasteland of Arizona.  Land of small, local shows.  I guess I shouldn't complain too much.  We do have shows.  Some cities/states probably don't have any shows.  Even though we aren't the Land of Arabians anymore, we do still have horse ranches and a lot of shows.  So I guess I shouldn't complain so much.  And I don't feel like I do... I'm just bummed that I can't go to a big horse show in Las Vegas in April.  It's not just the cost of the show ticket.  Currently Southwest only has their schedule open to mid-March and a round trip ticket to Vegas is more than $400 for mid-March.  I'm sure hotel costs will be astronomical during the show, to say nothing of rental car costs.

Oh well.  I'm done whining, I guess.  Thanks for listening.

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