Saturday, November 29, 2014

Is patience really a virtue...?

And how is having patience prove you have high moral character?  Does that mean if you have little or no patience it means you have little or no morals?  I don't agree with that.  I can't?   I know I have morals and I refuse to believe that just because I'm impatient I have no morals.  It's the patience I sometimes have little of.  If I want to go somewhere,  I usually want to go *now*.  If I want to go somewhere that takes awhile to get to or doesn't open for awhike I get restless waiting for the time to leave.  A few weeks ago I wanted to go for a drive in my new car, but my brother needed to use my car to power his air compressor to inflate the tires on his motorcycle, which was fine.  What wasn't fine was having to wait until he was ready to go.  I almost told him to just use our mom's Jeep to inflate the tires, but he wanted to use my car because it was parked right next to his motorcycle.  It was frustrating waiting for him.

So what is the purpose of this blog post?  It's about my impatience.  I know I bought my camera on Thanksgiving,  but the camera store was open that day.  They also shipped that day.  I didn't get a tracking number until yesterday.  Okay.  Now I have a tracking number,  but it won't give me a guesstimate as to when my stuff will be delivered.  That's all I want to know.  Just give me a time frame.  It's supposed to be expedited delivery, which is 3 business days.  So why can't UPS tell me if that means it'll arrive Tuesday or make me wait until Wednesday?  That's not too much to ask, is it?  I certainly don't think so.  I also bought a pair of shoes for work Fridays/casual days and that will be expedited shipping as well, but I'm not too concerned about when they will arrive.  When I go back to work Monday I'll have to wear my "main" shoes until Thursday so as long as they arrive by then I'll be happy.  Well, maybe not happy since I paid extra for the faster shipping.  With the camera the expedited shipping was free because of how much it cost.  The battery grip and memory card I paid for the expedited (how often can I say that word?)  shipping, but it was only 50cents.  I just want to know when my camera will be here!!!  Is that too much to ask?  I don't think so.

Did I mention that I finally got paperwork from the bank that has the loan for my car?  I was really getting frustrated getting all of the "sorry, but..." notices that it was such a relief to finally get the one tjat said "congratulations!"  I was really starting to get worried.  Well, anyway, it arrived yesterday and I went ahead and paid my first bill even though it's not due until December 6th.  I'm hoping that now that I finally have the first payment under my belt I can finally relax and enjoy my new car.  I still have moments whee I see it in the driveway and can't believe it's mine.  It looks so foreign in the space that my black Ford Taurus sat for about 7 years.  Hopefully it'll finally settle into my brain that it is, in fact, mine.  I guess time will tell.

Well, I guess that's it for now.   I need to finish my laundry then maybe work on my story.  Have a good one!

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