Friday, November 7, 2014


Chamonix is the latest from Breyer to enter for a chance to win.  I like the silver filigree, but even a cool decorator color can't make me like this mold.  Sorry.  Not happening.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to join the Premier Club, but I have until the end of December to decide.  My car payments are $ X amount, but if I pay $ Y amount, I can get it paid off almost 2 years sooner and I like that.  It will just depend on how much out of my paychecks it'll take compared with how broke I'm willing to be.  Hahahaha.

NASCAR is in town this weekend.  Usually my brother goes and he got Sunday off so he could go, but he's decided not to go this time, for some reason.  It's a bummer because my mom and I usually have a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant,  but since he's not going,  we won't be having our dinner out.  Oh well.

Have a good weekend.

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