Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Horsie!

I have two Breyer dealers located not too terribly far from where I work.  Both are accessible during my lunch break, but one moreso than the other, but the further one away is the one I prefer to give my business to.  They've been around since at least the early 1980s and it's owned by a husband and wife and they try to get all the current models and accessories.  Yesterday I decided to go to the closer store because I was in search of the 3 pack of nylon halters
and I could've sworn I'd seen them at KidStop before.  I only really like the aqua-colored one in the middle, but I wanted them to see the size of the jump rings to decide if I want to try making my own halters.  So, I go to the shop and walk to where the Breyers were and even though I was looking for something specific I still have to see what models they had.  They don't always have the most current ones, which is a good thing sometimes if I missed out on one from a previous year or something.  Well, I looked at one shelf and then down and nearly squealed with delight when I saw...
Marwari!  I have been after this guy since I saw the pictures of the 2013 back in November, I think it was.  The Doll House had gotten a shipment in when he was first released in January, but has been unable to get any in since then and while I was on the list of calls when it arrived, there were more people wanting him than they had models so I missed out.  He's been available online, but I've read there's been problems with the mold so I wanted to make sure I could inspect mine first.  They only had one and fortunately he was in good shape so I snatched it up then went on to look for the halters.  Alas, they had none but I did end up getting 2 of the Stablemate Mystery Foal sets.  Mostly for one of the adults of each set. 

Sorry for the crappy photos.  I used my Kodak C182 camera but with one of my cats right behind the boxes I didn't want to hurt his eyes by using the flash.  I'm not usually a fan of sets with foals, but there's no way to get the paint  or the dapple grey without getting the whole set.  No biggy.  The foals are pretty cute!  Back to the Marwari, though.  Of course I had to take some photos, but the kitties weren't being very cooperative with me and kind of photobombed

Now that I have the palomino Marwari I really need to get me the 2012 Collector Club Kalahkaari
I had the opportunity to buy one a couple of months ago, but decided I didn't want to because he's kind of expensive.  Now I realize I have to suck it up and pay the going price if I want him and I really do because they seem to be becoming less available on the secondary market.

Time to get to work!

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