Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Me Winnie...

So, on Saturday I posted about the new Greek Goddess model Breyer was giving away to Collector's Club members. A beautiful blue/grey appaloosa named Hera. I entered every day there was to enter, which was only 4 days, then waited (im)patiently for an email saying I'd won the chance to buy her. I'd even managed to get a couple of people to enter for me as well. They were supposed to contact the winners today and nobody seemed to be getting emails. I had the internet turned on on my phone so I'd see when the email came in, but I wasn't getting anything. Then I saw I had an email and immediately went to look at it, only to be told it was from Amazon. So I went to Blab to see if anyone had gotten notification yet and saw that some people were getting "buy now" when they were logged into their account. Immediately I went to my account, but...I got the dreaded "sorry, this contest is now closed" bar. So I went back to Blab to comismerate with my fellow losers. Someone posted that they got the bar, too, but the purchase to buy was on the CC home page so I quickly "ran" back to the CC page, but there was no option to buy. I'm bummed, sure, and there's still a chance one of my other two people (one has already said they didn't win) who offered to enter for me will win, but if not, that's okay, too. Wow, there's a lot of commas there, huh? hahaha. Anyway, if I am unlucky all the way around, that's okay and I won't try for her on the secondary market. My wallet will be happy for that. And at least one Blabber who congas the mold won so I'm super glad for that.

Oh well. Anyway, my weekend was good. I had a 4 day weekend and went horse hunting on Friday. I did see a small herd in a different spot than I have before, but there was too much brush where they were and by the time I got turned around, I couldn't find them so they must've went deeper into the desert. Bummer, for sure, but that's okay. Every day I DON'T see them while out looking makes me appreciate when I do get to see them. I decided not to do anything on Monday and just hung out with my mom. I got nothing done over the weekend that I would've liked to, but that's nothing new. hahahaha.

Happy Tuesday!

**eta** There's already one ad up on MH$P for sale and while it's not at a huge mark-up, they're definitely taking advantage of those who want the model.

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