Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Have you ever been sitting on news so exciting that you feel you'll bust with wanting to tell someone? That's how I feel right now. I found out some information about a local zoo about potential animal acquisitions, but because it's not public knowledge yet, I'm not really allowed to tell what it is. Not publicly anyway. I have a co-worker who is a zoo nut almost as much as I am and I told her on Monday about potential news and just needing to wait to find out what it was and then I'd tell her what it was. Well, I found out Monday night what the news was and I promised the person who told me that I wouldn't post anything publicly about it, which is hard enough. But then yesterday I had to take an unexpected day off to help my brother. He needed a ride to a couple of medical appointments. His arm is broken and possibly so is his foot and he can't drive a stick shift right now, but that's besides the point. Because of that, I was unable to pass my exciting news onto my co-worker, so this morning I asked one of the people in her unit to let her know I needed to see her when she came in. Well, a few minutes later "G" told me that "GA" wouldn't be in today. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I'm going to go nuts with this information and not being able to tell anyone who'll find it interesting. I could tell my mom, but it wouldn't be all that interesting to her. I could send "GA" a message through Facebook, but this news is too exciting to share through email. I want to tell her in person. hahaha. Hopefully she'll be in tomorrow. I don't know how much longer I can sit on this and not tell someone. hahahaha. I do, however, feel a little better posting about it here even if it isn't specifics and I can't wait until I can post the news.

On Monday I bought a mini grail of mine and at a great price. He was mailed out yesterday and hopefully will be here by the weekend. I don't really have grails as far as model horses go. There's models I'd really like to have and some that are nice to have, but none I really actively seek out and must have. I think Kalahkaari was an exception to that. Anyway, Bright Zip, who was a Special Run at Breyerfest in 1994, has been on my radar kind of since I saw in JAH (I *think*) that he was one of the models available, but I never really worked to get one. Within the past 6 months I have been casually looking for one, but nothing serious. Most of them were going for $80 or more. Well, on Monday I decided to look on MH$P and there were two available. One for $80 that was described as a "shelf sitter" (not show quality) and one for $40 that wasn't LSQ either but also not described as a "shelf sitter". Well, I emailed the owner of the $40 one and quickly made plans to buy it. I'm excited to get him and will take pictures and show him here when he arrives. I don't know where I'll put him, though, since the shelf with my other San Domingos is full. I think the Great Spirir Horse will be my next "casual search" in the San Domingo mold. We shall see. I also wouldn't mind a "Mustang Lady", but there don't seem to be too many of those out there. Stablemates were made of both Mustang Lady and Bright Zip and I might try to find those, but, again, we shall see.

Well, with being out yesterday I have a lot to do today that is due today so I'd best get to it, huh? Happy Wednesday.

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