Friday, April 18, 2014

Some new additions...

Well, now that I have the "wild horses" out of the way, I can finally post pictures of my new (model) horses.  Sorry it's taken 'so long'.  I can get real lazy sometimes.

As promised, here are better pictures of my Stone DAH Arabian, including his face markings...

Sorry for the shadow in the 2nd picture, but I don't have a light where the cloth is set up for picture-taking.  I keep meaning to move it over when I'm getting ready to shoot, but I have yet to do so.  I'm quite happy with this guy, but I doubt I'll deviate much from my ISH obsession.  hahaha.

Next are a couple of re-purchases.  I had both at one time, but it was quite awhile ago and I gave them away.  I got them both for about $16 each and they're in great shape for their age.  They're 2 of my favorite molds:  Lady Phase and Stud Spider
And finally, I was able to secure a Moon Pie SM from someone who went to the Big Easy Bash last month.  I don't like that I spent so much money on her considering she's only a SM, but since they only made 200 of them, they won't be very plentiful on the secondary market.  I don't know how much they cost at BEB, but the amount I paid seemed to be the average price and I'll just say it was not in the triple digits for the cost.  hahaha.   I am planning to conga the mold so I had to get this one. 
And even though I'm going to conga the Chrome mold as well, I think I can live without the even more limited purple one they had there.

Not much is going on right now.  My brother was in a motorcycle accident last night and walked away from it with only some bumps and bruises, thank goodness.  He was changing lanes and the car that was ahead of him in the lane he was switching to stopped and he hit her.  I'm just glad he was wearing a helmet.  I think he was planning to go look to adopt a dog today because on Wednesday he asked my mom if she wanted to "go looking" and I know they've talked about it a couple of times in the past, but now it's probably not going to happen because of this accident.  It's going to cost him a "few dollars".  But I'm glad and thankful he's okay and I hope like heck he doesn't plan on going out and getting another motorcycle.  He just paid this one off a few weeks ago.  Ugh!  Tomorrow is laundry day and Sunday is grocery shopping.  Tomorrow I also need to go to the post office to mail my package for the Blab Spring Stablemate Swap thing.  I had to alter my plans a couple of times because I'm not a very good artist.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Happy Easter Brenda. I love your Arabian, he is very sharp for a "plain" chestnut! As a kid my dream Arabian (Khemosabi aside) was a chestnut, flaxen m/t, blaze and four stockings.

    I have old Breyers I am slowly selling in my antique/craft booth. I came across a Stud Spider (I have two) and the brown overo in that mold. Debating on selling the brown one as he has a lot of great memories with him. I hate being sentimental sometimes.

    That bay overo SM is really pretty. Love his color and pattern. Congrats on them all.

    1. I also want to add I am glad your brother is ok besides bumps and bruises. Both my kids are bikers, both my brothers are bikers. My childhood (and model horse) friend was killed 1 1/2 yrs. ago on a motorcycle, my penpal's husband was backed into on his 9 months ago and killed. Quite a sobering thought but darnit, they have a right to be out there also! Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  2. Thank you, Christine! Happy Easter to you, too.

    Thank you. Your childhood dream Arabian sounds a lot like mine, too. Chestnut with 'lots of chrome' as the people at Tom Chauncey's always said. One of *Muscat's children was a very flashy chestnut with three white legs. They called her 'Lost My Sock'. I loved that filly and wish I could find out what happened to her.

    Turns out my brother was a little more injured than originally thought. His shoulder and foot. He couldn't go to work today because he can't lift his arm high enough to type well. Hopefully that won't last long because he hasn't finished his 90 day probation yet and he can't afford to be out on too many days.

  3. I remember "Lost My Sock"! Oh goodness, blast from the past. My friend was an Arabian nut and had stacks and stacks of Arabian Horse Journal, back when it would be 2" thick. We spent hours pouring over those.

    Both my kids have cracked their shoulder blades, one on his bike, the other in an ATV accident. Common injury since that is what hits the ground I suppose. I do hope your brother is feeling better.

  4. You know who "Lost My Sock"/ Amber Rage is? Wow. That's really cool. What are the odds. What other Arizona Arabians have you read about? Toska Too? Simeon Shor? SX Genii's Glory? GG Jabask?

    Unfortunately, the drugs my brother got don't do much to alleviate the pain in his shoulder and foot so he's still in a lot of pain. Thank you for the concern. He drove today so he's kind of hurting right now.