Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What happened to winter????

Would you believe I still can't find the USB cord to my little camera?  I thought I'd found one that would work, but it doesn't plug all the way into the camera so there's no connection.  *sigh*  That just sucks big time.  I may have to go to Best Buy or something.  I've got 50 million friggin' USB cords and none of them fit!!!!  Ugh.  All is not totally lost, though, because I discovered a picture on my iPad mini that I'd taken and I'll share that in a bit.  But first, the weather...

We never really had much of a winter this year.  While people in the Midwest and East Coast got hammered with snow, we were experiencing higher-than-average temperatures.  When New York was below zero, we were at 80 degrees.  In December.  And while that's not totally uncommon, it's not all that frequent, either.  The northern cities got a couple of good snow storms, but even they were drier than normal.  And usually we get hit with one last storm to end the season, but not this year.  We went from cool to warm and now we're moving right into hot.  Today it's supposed to be 97 degrees.  In early April.  That is just all kinds of wrong!  One of my co-workers has already turned on the a/c in her house, but we hadn't yet.  My brother said we might have to today because of the high temperature it was predicted to be, but it happened sooner than that.  When I got home yesterday from work, it was 86 in the house.  Warm, but not intolerable.  About an hour or so later I noticed it seemed warmer so I looked at the thermostat and...
I apologize for the grainy picture but I used my iPad to take it and it was dark in the hallway.  Anyway, as you can see, it was 88 degrees.  At this point, it's more about the number than the comfort level so I changed the air filters and on went the a/c.  I really hated having to turn it on so soon, but being hot and sticky isn't conducive to good sleep.  I hate being hot and sticky.  I hate being hot.  So I turned it on.  During dinner there was a discussion and it was determined that 86 be the "magic number" for turning it on, but before that I told my mom that if she notices it's getting warm or if she feels uncomfortable with the temperature in the house to just turn it on.  She's home all day so there's no need for her to have to suffer with being warm and uncomfortable just to save a few dollars.  We're probably at least a month off from having to run the a/c full time, but it's nice that if it starts getting warm in the house now we can turn it on.

So, in a prior blog post I'd mentioned the super duper sale Stone Horses was having and the battle I was having with myself over whether to get one or not and then ended up getting it.  Well, it arrived after about 6 or 7 weeks and I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. 
Because I couldn't get the exact markings of *Muscat, he doesn't look a whole lot like him, but that's okay
when I'm able to get a USB for my little camera I'll share what the markings are on his face.  I still wish I'd been able to afford the longer-tailed model, but I'm not going to complain too much.  It had been my choice to keep the cost low and this guy ended up only costing about $55 or $60.  I think this is the last of my DAH for awhile, though, unless they have another super sale or a mold/color combination that really speaks to me.  I'd still like a Minimal Tobiano and an Extreme Tobiano, but not right now.  I'd have nowhere to put them anyway!  hahaha.

Well, I guess that's it for now.  Happy Wednesday!

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