Monday, May 5, 2014

New Babies...!!!

Yes, I said babies. As in plural. So, here's what happened. On Friday my brother and my mom went to AAWL, which is a no-kill shelter not far from our house. There were lots of neat dogs, but none that really jumped out at them. A lot of Pit Bulls, too, and my brother has no interest in getting a Pit. I have no problems with them, but my way. So they went to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control aka dog pound aka Rabies Animal Control. You know. The baaaad place. Some neat dogs. Lots of Pits. Lots of Chihuahas. Lots of Pit and Chihuahua mixes (not really, but that became my brother's joke). None that really spoke to them. That evening my brother commandeered my iPad mini and was looking online. He looked on CraigsList and found there was an adoption event at a furniture store called the Dump the next day. They showed about 8 dogs and said they'd have those plus more. On Saturday, my brother called a couple of people on CraigsList that had puppies for sale. One he left a message and the other wanted $175 per dog and they weren't willing to give a discount for taking the last two puppies. I guess they figured since they'd sold the others at $175 each they didn't need to give a quantity discount because they'd be able to sell the other two with no problem. Anyway, I reminded my brother of the adoption event at the Dump and encouraged him to go there and after some hemming and hawing, he finally decided to go. Our mom went with him. I went into my room. Took a nap. An hour passed. Took another nap. Two hours passed. I figured maybe they'd ended up going to the Humane Society but figured my brother would've texted me.

More than 2 1/2 hours later, my brother knocks on my door and says "come have a look".

They'd gone to the Dump but they only had 2 or 3 dogs. Either they'd adopted the others already or they only brought a few to begin with. So they'd gone to a nearby chain pet store which usually has an adoption event on Saturdays. Total score. An  animal Rescue was there with a bunch of dogs and my brother picked out a couple of pups.  The paperwork is why they were gone as long as they were. I asked my brother what their names were and he told me, but said they weren't keeping those names. His dogs weren't going to be named after cars, although one was originally named after the rock band, apparently. So we tried to think of some and someone jokingly mentioned motorcycles and I said I would not be opposed to APPROPRIATE motorcycle names. Harley was easy to come up with, but the other was a little more difficult. Steve (brother) wanted to call the other one Dynaride, which I nixed. Even though they're not really my dogs (they're family dogs, I guess, but still...), but I agreed on the shorter Dyna. So, which is which? One dog was slightly smaller than the other so I asked my brother which of his motorcycles was smaller than the other and he said hold on and started calling out the name Dyna! Dyna! And One of them came running. So, She became Dyna and we were calling her Dyna Red because of her red collar. So we had Dyna Red and Harley Blue. But we kept calling them Dyna Blue so my brother decided she  would be Dyna and The would be Harley. I call them Frick and Frack and collectively they're "Puppies!". They will come when you call out "puppies" and they're starting to learn Dyna and Harley as their.

So, without further ado, here are Harley and Dyna (pronounced with a long "I")
Dyna and Harley
They're about 13 weeks old and are thought to be Lab and Australian Shephard. The Lab is definitely obvious. My fiend at work, who has an Aussie mix, sees the Aussie in them, which is mostly the color on their feet since Labs are solid colored. Anyway, they're just little bundle of energy. Little? Did I say little? Silly me. These girls are pretty big. And they're going to get bigger. But they're settling in nicely and I think they'll make great additions to the family. My mom's 14 year old Lab/Wolf mix isn't real sure what to make of the new intruders. She's always been a loner and hasn't had to deal with puppies since she was one. They leave her alone if she's lying down but as soon as she gets up they see that as an invitation to play. Fortunately, they have each other to play with. They just need to work things out between them.

Well, I'd better get back to work. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of the girls in future posts. Especially once they settle down since it'll be easier to photograph them. hahahaha. Happy Monday!

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