Saturday, May 10, 2014

Platinum Star

***very odd...I wrote the below post Friday afternoon but this morning I came to look for something and saw it never published.  Oh well.***

So, I was just checking Blab and saw someone had started a thread about the final SR release for Breyerfest 2014 and O. M. G!!!!!  He is beautiful!  His name is Platinum Star and he's on the new Latigo mold.

You know what I find funny about this, though?  We (collectively...on Blab) found out about this new mold a few months ago when someone saw Breyer had done a portrait mold of Harley D Zip and so the wait started for him to be released.  Then, the Premier Club released Latigo.  Still no Harley.  Now there's Platinum Star and there's STILL no Harley.  Or is it Harvey?  hahaha.  I don't know.  The mane  Look haw it just suddenly starts and ends.  Not a nice, clean flow but rather BAM!  The mane starts and BAM! it ends.  A little odd.  And there's a tiny "hole" in the mane.  I don't normally like manes with "holes" in it, but I'll make an exception for this guy.  My pick-up person was willing to let me know when she found out about the Pop the Cork surprise so I could let her know if I wanted that one as my 2nd SR model, but unless it's a really awesome Lady Phase, I MUST have Platinum Star.  MUST.  HAVE.  hahaha.  He's just super cool-looking.

Today is Friday.  It's been kind of one of those days.  And a co-worker just came over and asked if I've heard.  Well, my first reaction was "Have I heard?  Have I heard the word?  The word about the bird.  Bird, bird, bird, bird is the word" (if you ever watch Family Guy, you'd understand).  Needless to say, I got a lot of strange looks.  hahaha.

I have no major plans for the weekend.  Sunday is Mother's Day.  I don't know if my mom wants to go somewhere special.  Last year we went to breakfast, her and I.  My brother works Sundays now so he won't be coming with us if we go out.

I guess that's it.  I just wanted to share about the new Breyerfest SR model.

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