Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Weather in Phoenix

Last night, at 10:10pm, the official temperature at the airport in Phoenix (Sky Harbor for those curious), was 99 degrees. 3 local news stations had that same temperature graphic in the bottom righthand corner of the screen while one was unviewable and the other had it listed as 95, which isn't much better. 99 degrees at 10pm is unacceptable in late May. Well, I find it unacceptable any time of year, but in May it's a little too early. We don't usually see that high until July, but it happened last night. And people wonder why I dislike Arizona so much. Today it's supposed to reach 107 for the high. I. Quit. I've had enough of this crap and it's just getting started. Now, before you go saying "At least it's a dry heat...", please don't. Yes, right now the heat is very dry and you feel like you're in an oven set to "broil". However, in about 6 weeks or so, that will change. In about 6 weeks, when the monsoon season ramps up, we're going to have 107 degree temperatures AND high humidity. Arizona isn't always dry heat. If someone tells you that, they're lying or they've never been here during the monsoon season. Heck, people in other parts of the country think Arizona is nothing but desert and cactus, which is probably why they think all we have is dry heat, but Arizona has so much more than desert and cactus. We do have trees. Mountains. Lakes. It snows here, too, believe it or not. It's not all just brown and flat, but the people who think it is also are the ones who will tell you it's a dry heat.

The heat, dry or monsoonal humid, is only going to get worse. Phoenix Metropolitan Area is the only place in the country where it can be 110 degrees at 2 in the morning in the shade. That's not possible, you say, since it's already dark and there is no shade? Come to Arizona in late July and find out for yourself.

Happy Hump Day, Everyone, from the surface of the


  1. You can have that. Even here it is mid 80's and after all this cold our blood hasn't thinned enough to handle the spike in heat! I tell you, after this past winter I *hate* to complain. And overnight the mosquitoes have exploded you don't dare open your mouth or you get your protein for the day X(.

  2. Oh, I've heard of them Midwest 'skeeters...big as a Volkswagen. I wouldn't want them. I'll take my rattlesnakes and Gila monsters. ;)