Monday, June 17, 2013

Custom Model Horses...

Last week I was going to do this whole post about custom model horses, but then something came up and it never materialized. This one is Take 2 of that original, but on a much lesser scale. I like customs. I prefer Original Finish (OF), but I've seen some awesome customs out there. I even have one myself. Not an awesome one, but it's the only one I have and I've had it since 1992, I think. I bought it at a live show in Oceanside, California and it was made by Darian Buckles. Back then, many customs had hair and were called R/R/H. Mine has hair.
Back then, paint was applied with make-up sponges using the "dab" method and had a rough texture. Nowadays people often use airbrushing or paintbrushes. They were being used to some extent back then, but not as much as they're being used today.  I don't know what mine originally looked like, but it's still a pretty drastic custom.  The show I bought him at, there was another one that had started out as three different horses that were standing and were turned into a lying down mare with udders.  The detail was amazing!  I *think* it was done either by Sarah "Mink" or Laurie Jo Jensen.  I tried taking pictures, but they didn't turn out very well.  Anyway, that brings me to the present.  The other day (yesterday, maybe) I was on Blab and someone posted an ad they'd seen on MH$P for a piece done by Sue Kern.  The model started out as Weather Girl
and ended up a pregnant Arabian mare (not sure what breed WG is)

It looks NOTHING like the original!  It just blows me away what people can do with a plastic horse!  I don't know that I'd want to own one that was such a drastic custom unless it was a portrait piece of my own horse or something like that, but it's still really cool-looking.

I got another visit from FedEx on Saturday.  Again, from Stone.  I'm surprised they showed up two weeks apart from each other when I ordered them the same day and the one I got this past Saturday was the one I'd ordered first.  His name is Chasing Pirates, which I don't like, but at least it's more gender-appropriate than some of the others.  I'll have to give him a new name, of course, but who knows when it'll happen?  I've been saying that since I got Speckled Jelly Bean and he still doesn't have a new name.  Hahaha.  Now I'm waiting for my first DAH, but that'll be awhile.  I should be getting another horse this week, though.  Anyway, here's Chasing Pirates. 
His photo doesn't do him justice.  His dapples are real nice and the paint on his mane is the best I've seen out of all my Stones (no overspray).  But with this horse, my ISH conga has officially spilled onto the shelf below.  Not because I have too many, but because the rest of the ISH shelf contains my Zippo Pine Bar and Roxy mini-congas   I need to do some rearranging or something.

Today is Monday.  I had a 3 day weekend.  I guess it's time to actually do some work.  Darn!  hahaha

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