Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Too many ponies?

Okay. To be fair. Is there really such thing as having too many plastic ponies? Well, yeah. Maybe. Especially if they're starting to crowd you out. hahaha. I don't particularly think I have "too many". I do have quite a few, but not like some of the collections I've seen and I'm thinking seriously of downsizing and just concentrating on a small number to conga, but we'll see. I have a hard time giving things away sometimes. Anyway, I feel like I've been on a buying frenzy lately and they keep showing up. The most recent one arrived yesterday from a store in Virginia via Amazon. It's the ELCR Lady Phase that came out 3 years ago to benefit the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, which is fighting to protect riding trails and open land for other equestrian activities.  Breyer donated a portion of each sale to the ELCR, which is cool.  This is the first of 2 so far (I have the other one, too)
I think this is my first "swish tail" on this mold and it's definitely my first full-blown glossy (my Totilas is a semi-glossy). I love the satiny feel of the plastic on it. The original Lady Phase had a short tail. Later they came out with a long tail version and then the swish tail. Why didn't I think to take pictures of the different tails? I don't know. But now I have all 3 tail types and my conga is now 7 strong. woohoo! I'm officially out of room on the Lady Phase shelf, though.  These gals are packed in like sardines!
I have a Stone DAH on order, but we won't talk about that one just yet since it'll be awhile before he arrives. There's a couple of others on the Stone website that I really want, but my bank account isn't letting me buy them. hahahaha. But I now have 4 ISH from Stone. Not bad considering I only started collecting them a couple of months ago. Now I think I'm kind of addicted. I had a chance to get 4 more for a good price, but again, the money thing.
Can you tell I have a thing for grey Stones? Only Sleigh Bell isn't grey. hahaha. Gosh, I really need to come up with a better name for those guys.

So on Friday I took my big camera and went "horse hunting". I'd hoped to find the Gila River herd a co-worker keeps talking about, but couldn't and ended up "donating" $10 to the Indian casino down there. So I headed north and encountered two herds. One was right by the road (on the other side of a fence) and had about 8-10 members and the other one was about 2 miles up the road and on a hill. I saw at least 4 but there were likely more since the ones I saw were up on a small hill and when they went down the hill they were hidden from view. It was great. The first herd had a grey-ish one and a strawberry roan while the 2nd one seemed to be made up entirely of bays. Okay, well, for some reason I can't find the pictures of the strawberry roan so that herd will have to wait until tomorrow, but I'll show pictures of the 2nd herd. I didn't get as many good photos of them as they were further away and they didn't stick around very long after I stopped my car.
After that I went in search of some more domesticated ones and found this pair in a corral a couple of miles from my office. At first I just stopped my car in the middle of the road (there was no traffic) and took pictures through the fence then left, but then I got to thinking, why can't I get out and take pictures? I'm not harassing the horses or anything. So I went back and when I pulled off the road I discovered I could shoot them through the fence while staying in my car...less disturbing to the animals and anyone who might be home, no? I really liked the black (or is she super dark brown?) mare
Well, I suppose I should get to work. We're down 2 people. Or is it 3? One was expected but the other two weren't.

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