Saturday, June 8, 2013

Getting a bit worried...

I've been participating in a Spring Fling Stablemate Swap over on Blab the past couple of months.  We filled out a questionnaire with information such as our favorite breed, mold and color plus what our favorite snack item was.  It was a blind swap where nobody knew who got their name until they received it and it was also random.  The person whose name I got didn't get mine.  I sent my package off last weekend with an estimated delivery date of Friday or Saturday (today) so yesterday I took my receipt to work so I could track it.  This is my first swap and I was concerned about it arriving because I know packages have gone missing, including in this swap, but I believe those packages have now been accounted for.  So anyway, I looked up my tracking number and was surprised to discover my package had been delivered Thursday.  Here's where my big concern comes in...the person who was supposed to get my box hasn't reported in yet to say she'd gotten it, which was 'requirement' of the swap.  Even if you can't post photos right away, people have been reporting in that they got their box.  My swapee hasn't reported in yet.  I looked up her recent activity and it said she'd been on Blab last night so I'm kind of worried.  I can't post on Blab about it because the box isn't MIA.  I'm just impatient, I guess.  Hopefully she reports in soon, though.  I don't care if she doesn't like it, but she should at least acknowledge it's arrival.

Today it's supposed to reach 111 degrees.  It's already in the mid-80s and it's only just after 9am.  Ugh!  Welcome to summer in the desert.  I need to wind the lottery so I can spend summers in Alaska and winters in Arizona.  Hahahaha

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