Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NAN/ North American Nationals

When I was still active in live showing, NAN wasn't a major deal like it is now.  Getting a horse qualified for NAN was a perk, but since there weren't that many NAN shows yet it wasn't really all that important.  I'm not real sure how that whole thing goes as I've never shown in a NAN qualifier.  The annual show I used to go to wasn't yet part of NAN before I had to stop so I've never gotten a NAN card or NAN cookie.  I'm sure, had I been able to show, I would've been all over that, though.  Knowing how I was about chasing the ribbons and trophies.  I won a few, sure, but only one time did I ever win what I thought was the grail of my local show.
From my horse showing "career", this is the only item I still display.  The ribbons are in a box somewhere, but I still have the trophy AND the horse that won it.  He's still in decent shape, too.

In either 1995 or 1996 I went to a live show in Las Vegas and saw a lot of neat scene set-ups.  One girl had done a camping scene and put gold fish in a small pond.  I thought that was the coolest thing.  And at that time, it was pretty innovative.  But nowadays, the scenes are so much more involved.  These photos were taken by Martina Vannelli at NAN over this past weekend and are used with her permission

Where did they come up with these ideas?  I was going to share an entry, but changed my mind because it disturbed me too much.  I know it's fake, but I don't like the looks of it.  If you want to see more photos Martina took, check out her Picasa albums.  The disturbing photos are in Day 1.  I don't need to tell you which ones they are...you'll see them and know...

But the NAN show wasn't just about nifty scene set-ups.  There were halter classes as well and here's some of my favorites

I could never afford the nice tack sets so I always showed in halter (without a halter).  A couple of times I did performance, but I don't remember if I even got a ribbon because it was so basic compared to the others.  Oh well.  I'd like to consider getting back into live showing, but Arizona Live ended 2 years ago and that was the only big show here so I don't know where I could show again.  Oh well.

Well, Breyer has announced another web special.  It'll be the third in their Greek mythology they're doing.  I didn't win the first two, Poseidon or Apollo and I don't know if I'll try for the new one.  I'll have to see him first.  Of course there's all sorts of speculation as to which mold it is.  The chance to enter to win won't be until July 2nd and I'm not sure when they'll let us know what it looks like.  Soon, I'm sure.  But this is what they've revealed so far
It's obviously a mold with a very upright neck.  Who knows.  I have no interest at the moment to look through the "Breyer Catalog" and see who it could be.  My first thought was the 5 Gaiter
But the neck muscling doesn't look quite right.  If it IS the Ethereal, I won't be getting it, that's for sure.  Though I might try if there's enough people looking to get him then sell him, but I just don't care for the mold.
The mane really bugs me.  Reminds me of Medusa with her head full of snakes.  No offense to Kathleen Moody.  She's a wonderful lady who I've had the pleasure to know and have had at my house for a "home live show"  The more I look, though, the more I think it could be an Ethereal and he would certainly fit a Greek God more than 5 Gaiter would.  Who knows?  I guess we'll have to wait and see, huh?

I'd better get to work.  It's gonna be a busy day for me.

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