Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One little, two little, three little horsies!

Well, not 3, but two for sure.  Someone needs to take my debit card away from me before I spend all my money on plastic ponehs!  Of course, it wouldn't do any good since I have the number memorized.  Who was it that wrote a blog post the other day about staying away from the Stone website?  Oh yeah.  I was me!  So why didn't I?  WHY did I have to go look?  Not once, but twice!

The first one I bought was Chasing Pirates...who I believe was in that other post...

Look at that face!  He'll be my first dappled horse from Stone.  I'm looking forward to getting him.  I decided to have it shipped USPS Priority this time.  Maybe it'll arrive sooner than UPS ground...It's the same price so we'll see.  Anyway, last night I saw on the Stone Facebook page something about Amy Davies/Cinnamon MewMew and went to the main Stone site (the above horse came from the Stone Pony page) where I saw they were having a Last Chance Sale!!!!!!!  25% off between "now" and Friday.  Wow.  Well, I just HAD to go see what I could find and I came up with this one...
This guy is Sleigh Bell and I got him for $50 off!  I have no idea where I'm going to put these guys when they arrive.  Maybe establish a Stone Shelf.  I'm really looking forward to getting my new horses, but I have to be patient.  And I need to stay away from the Stone site for awhile.  I really need to.  Yup.  I do.  But will I?  Hahaha.  I'm going to try very very hard!

So, a month or so ago I ordered a couple of horse hair bracelets from a gal on MHB.  They're really nice and I absolutely love them.  I have big wrists so she put an extender on both of them to make them bigger and didn't charge anything extra for it.  I got the bracelets and wore them for several days and showed them off to people.  But then I stopped wearing them.  Why?  Not because I stopped liking them, but because I discovered they kind of got in the way.  I work on a computer all day long at work and they just kind of got in the way of typing.  So I attached them to one of the straps of my bag I take to work.  But that wasn't good enough.  I saw her "ad" where she was looking for horse hair donations and said the people who donated would get a free keychain made from some of the hair they sent in and I got to thinking...if I remove the extenders, I could potentially turn my 2 bracelets into a keychain.  So that's what I did.
They're bigger and a slightly different shape than what the keychains she makes are, but that's okay.  Now I don't have to dig for my keys in my pocket anymore, I can just reach in and snag one of the loops.  The bracelets are stiff, of course, but they don't stay like what's shown in the photo.  I just spread them out so you could see what they look like.
I'm really quite happy I decided to do this so I can still enjoy my bracelets, just re-purposed.  :)

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