Wednesday, July 2, 2014

11 questions...

Sometimes I like to visit the blog of someone I follow and see who they follow and see if I can find new ones to follow or just check every now and then.  Well, that's what I did just a little while ago.  I decided to check it out because the title intrigued me...Fantasies and Fountainpens (blogspot).  I'm often caught up in one fantasy or other and combined with 'fountain pens' I got to thinking it might be a blog by a writer or wannabe-writer.  And it is.  I just have to say, I've never written with a real fountain pen, only a ballpoint that resembled a fountain pen, but they make me think of the old days.  Before computers and word processors and all that stuff.  You might be interested to know that while I love my techno-gadgets, I write my stories old school...meaning, long hand.  There's just something so wonderful about the crinkly feel of a piece of paper that's been written on.  Also, a small pad of paper and pen are more portable than a computer or even a netbook.  Of course, when people see you typing away on a laptop or desktop, nobody really bugs you, but when they see you writing on paper, they assume you're writing a letter or a diary.  Another reason why I like to write longhand is because of my love for ballpoint pens.  I have a strong like for hotel pens and have a pretty good collection.  I posted a picture of some of them on a prior day.

Anyway, on this blog Fantasies and Fountainpens, there was a list of questions different than the ones I answered before and these were a little more geared towards writers/writing and I decided to copy them here and answer them.  So, here you are...

1. Describe your perfect day----not having to go to work and just hanging out or taking my camera out and try to find some wild horses
2. Who's your favorite movie/book sidekick?-----I don't really have a favorite sidekick.  I don't go to many movies and a lot of the books I read have multiple characters.  Maybe Greer Swope in the Bittersweet Farms series.  She came from a privileged background and while she started out a horrible person her character has grown and evolve over the course of the series
3. What's your favorite kind of sandwich?----roast beef with mayo.  Simple, but yummy
4. When did you first start writing/blogging and why?----I started writing my freshman year of high school.  A friend in my group was writing little fiction stories about celebrities and such and showed a couple of us.  I started writing and haven't looked back.
5. If you only had one day left to live what would you do?----sorry, but I don't know how to answer that.  Probably spend it with my family.
6. What's something from your childhood that was not as good as you remembered?----Orange Julius drinks
7. Have you ever been to the ocean?----many times.  I love the ocean!
8. Did you ever move someone deeply with something you wrote?----not that I've been told.  I know I've made them laugh or experience other emotions, but I don't know that I've 'moved' them
9. What's your favorite holiday?---would you believe I don't really have one?  Any holiday I'm with my family is a favorite one
10. What food would you say represents your personality?----a food to represent my personality?  Now that's an interesting personality changes with the weather.  Hahaha.  Hmmm. Potato.  Because it's so versatile
11. What do you like to do on rainy days?----rainy days inspire me to write.  They also inspire me to curl up with a good book or take a nap.  I don't know.  It just depends.
***I've added my own***
12.  What is a little known fact about you?-----I come from Polish royalty and while I'm only part Polish, it's the only nationality of myself I acknowledge and embrace.

I hope you enjoyed the answers to my questions


  1. Did you see that on my "Following" page? ;)

    I really like the blog Fantasies and Fountain-pens!

  2. Maybe...hahahaha. Yeah. And now I'm following it, too. :)

  3. Hey there, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! I'm highly flattered that you would write a whole blogpost about it. :)

  4. Hi! Well, it's a pretty neat blog! Keep up the good work. :)