Monday, July 28, 2014

It was bound to happen...

I don't buy a whole lot of models from third parties, but occasionally I do.  I've been pretty lucky about not having anything arrive damaged nor have I gotten particularly mangled boxes...until today.

Last week I won an auction for Treasured Moves.  She's a long-tail Lady Phase mold for my conga and I got her for a steal.  She isn't in perfect condition, but she's better than a shelf-sitter.  Possibly PSQ with some creative photography.  The box, however, well it's a good thing they don't judge boxes.  Hahaha.  When I saw it, I feared for the horse contained, but the lady I bought TM from wrapped her really well
 Well, you can't really see how squished the corner of the box is, but trust me, it was pretty squished.
Fortunately the horse wasn't damaged in any way.  My mom doesn't like the color of the mane and tail.  She said the color ruins the horse.  Oh well.  Good thing it's my horse and not hers.  Hahaha.

Work is still pretty stressful.  I spent much of the day trying to get a bulk billing to balance and I'm off by .55!  Ugh.  Finally I had to give up and I'll have to resume my search tomorrow with fresh eyes because I had other things that HAD to be done by the end of the day today.  I'll be glad when things settle down a bit, but in the meantime I need to just not get so stressed over it.  I need a day or two off.

Hurray.  A judge in Arizona has refused to accept a lawsuit by some veterinarians agains Equine Massage Therapists.  They want the therapists to go to vet school and the work to be regulated, but the argument by the therapists is that human massage therapists don't have to go to medical school so why should equine therapists have to?  The vets plan to appeal, but hopefully they'll lose that, too.  I definitely side with the therapists.

Well, before I sign off for the 'day' I just want to gripe about something.  I don't mind if 'you' have your blog comments set for moderation...odds are, there's a legitimate reason for it.  But don't approve a comment then turn around and delete it the next day then not even let the commenter know you're doing it or why.  Something similar happened on Facebook a few months ago.  The person I was writing on her wall it was about the movie Blackfish.  She used to be a whale trainer but is now a professional photographer, but still has a lot of friends who're still trainers.  I made a comment in reference to something someone else had posted and I referred to a particular current trainer by name.  The gal whose wall I posted it on ended up deleting the comment then sent me a PM to tell me why...she didn't want the other trainer to get into trouble.  I asked her if I could comment again but leave the trainer's name out and she said that was fine.  No big deal.  She was concerned for a current trainer and let me know why she felt it necessary to delete it, which I understood.  But this particular case, the one behind this vent, was on a blog.  I made my comment on some pictures and she approved the comment.  Yesterday I was looking at her blog and the comment was gone and she didn't bother to drop me a note to say she was going to do it or why.  She shouldn't have approved the comment to begin with, in my opinion.  And she'd emailed me before so I know she had my address.

Oh well.  Hope everyone's Monday was a good one.  Until next time...

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