Thursday, July 31, 2014

All that glimmers is...silver...

Yes, a cheesy title, I know, but what can I say?

Tonight's post comes to you via my cell phone.  Why, you may ask.  You can go ahead and ask.  I don't mind.  Haha.  Anyway, this red-headed Pollock took her iPad mini to work to read with and...forgot it.  I didn't realize it until I was almost home.  I feel kind of naked without it.  Don't worry about it walking away because it's in a locked cabinet.  You would think I would've noticed it there as I was closing it to lock it, but no.  So now I have to make do with my phone.

Anyway,  a week or so ago I got one of the Breyerfest single day stablemate...the only one I really, really wanted so I got it off eBay.  I was going to have someone do pick-ups for me but I had to back out.  But after waiting for more than a week, my model finally arrived today

She's  not perfect, a couple of paint flaws here and there, but she's still pretty neat.  Kind of glossy but not 100%.  I like the little drawstring bag that came with her.  Not as neat as the denim pocket last year's had, but still nice.  I wonder what next year's stablemates will come packaged in.  Yes, I'm already thinking that far in advance.  What can I say?.  I like to plan and be prepared.

So, the other night my mom had woken me up about 10:30pm and said I needed to come out and help her with something.  So I got dressed and went into the kitchen where I found a big mess.  One of them had pulled my tote bag off the chest freezer and scattered the contents all over the family room.  Papers from my stories.  Caps for coke points.  Pennies.  Pens I use for writing the stories.  The contents of my wallet.  They chewed one of the straps on the bag and made it unusable as well as my wallet.  I've already replaced the wallet but not the bag.  I've only been to look at Target, which is where I got the wallet, but I didn't like any of the bags.  One was a possibility but then I thought it looked too much like a purse and I don't 'do' purses.  Hahaha.  I'll look at WalMart this Sunday, which is where I got the original and if that doesn't net me anything I'll go to Amazon.  They have some that are okay.  It's just a bummer, though, and one of the reasons I think I forgot my ipad is because I didn't have a bag to put it in when I was done with it for the day.  Keep your fingers crossed that they'll still have the bags this Sunday.  On the plus side of that, though, is that it forced me to finally empty the bag off all the pennies I'd accumulated as well as the bottle caps.

So, last night was the premiere of Sharknado 2.  I usually love all those cheesy monster shark and reptile movies, as I've mentioned before.  But this one...this one took the cheesiness to a whole new level.  I could only watch about 15 minutes before having to change the channel.  Granted, it already had the start time against it.  9pm.  After the first 15 minutes there was no way I was going to stay up til 11 to watch it to the end.  I will, however, give it another chance...when its on at a more reasonable time.  And would you believe they're already talking about a Sharknado 3???? Ugh.

Well, that's it for now, I guess.

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