Friday, July 11, 2014

Time To Party!

Hahaha.  That's a bit of a double meaning title.  Today...right now, in fact, thousands of people are descending upon the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington for Day 1 of the 25th Annual Breyerfest.  The first numbers have been drawn for who is first in line for the Special Run tent and soon we will know which model is the Pop the Cork mystery model.  If it becomes available before I finish this then I will reveal it at the end, otherwise it'll have to wait.

The 2nd meaning for the title is this... during one of the many Breyerfest threads on Blab yesterday, someone posted this picture...
It was in the commemorative program special for the 25th anniversary.  What made everyone so excited, other than that it's a popular mold and silver filigree, was that it was being made available to both people at BF AND people online.  Problem was, nobody knew when it would be on sale online.  There was a lot of excitement and hair tearing out.  I'm really happy that Breyer has made something available for purchase to those who aren't available to attend.  If I recall correctly, they had some raffle items online last year, but I didn't enter anything.  But this is the first time they've offered something to stuck-at-homers that's also available at BF.

Because BF officially started at 10pm EST, most people figured the special wouldn't be available before 9am.  Well, I usually leave for work around 6am (9am EST) and while I could hold off leaving for a few minutes to see if it went live at 9am, there'd be a gap of time left unprotected while I drove to work and got my computer up and running.  I figured with my luck they'd make it available during that time and it would sell out before I ever had a chance.  Luckily I was wrong.  Not long after posting about the 45 minute gap, a blabber posted that the Misty had already been made available and how to find her on the website.
Needless to say, I jumped on it real quick.  I couldn't believe they were offering a limited edition for such a low price.  The Silver Florentine is in commemoration of the very first raffle model 25 years ago, which was a Gold Florentine Misty.  I'm not normally very big on decorators, but I had to get it.  I just hope they don't end up overselling and I don't get my model.  I don't know what time she was made available this morning and she wasn't sold out, yet, but you never know.

Well, apparently the Pop the Cork model is on a Nokota.  I haven't seen any pictures yet so I'm trying to stall...

It's been confirmed.  Pop the Cork is Nokota in 4 different colors.  Bay, Palomino Tobiano Pinto, Chestnut Overo Pinto and Chestnut Appaloosa.  

My favorite

I don't collect the Nokota mold because I don't care for it's pose, but the glossy appaloosa is really neat-looking and I wouldn't mind having it in my collection.  There's a girl on Blab who is nuts for Nokota models and she's going to flip, I'm sure.  Hopefully she'll be able to get all four of them.  Or, I guess it would be 8 if she wanted both glossy and matte.

Today is Friday.  I have very little work to be done because we can't pay invoices like we normally do so we've been helping put W9s in numerical order.  Tax ID numbers are 9 numbers long and you have to start with the first number and go from there.  Trust me.  It's not as "fun" as it sounds.  hahaha.

No major plans for the weekend.  Laundry tomorrow.  And I need to go to the post office.  Someone on Blab posted a thread looking for Mini Whinnies for a project so I'm sending her the ones I have.  I'll also be stalking Blab for Breyerfest activities.  It's always fun.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Oh! I don't own a Nakota yet, but I have always wanted one. My favorite is probably the last picture. However, the appy is also very nice!

  2. A lot of people seem to like the Bay one. It looks kind of plain to me even though I love bays.

    I actually had 2 Nokotas in my posession for about 2 days. I had bought a couple of models from someone on MH$P and she sent me the wrong box. I mailed them to their rightful owner and she mailed me mine and the seller reimbursed us both for the shipping.