Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are decorated...

So, for those of you who read yesterday's blog asking for help in decorating my new desk space, I have returned with the horse(s) I selected to be at work with me. I also asked for assistance on Blab and one person said a pony breed or my semi-custom Stone Arabian while a couple of others suggested Bouncer. I don't really collect pony breeds so to do that would mean Sgt Pepper, my 2 CWP or my 2 Bouncers. Since Bouncer got the most votes, I decided to bring those two in and set them up and see how they looked. I could always take them back home and bring in someone else.

Without further ado, I bring you my new shelf decoration
I think they fit in just perfectly there, don't you?  They are the right size and they go well with the background color.  Seeing these two on the shelf made me realize that a Traditional size model would overpower everything else with its size and a couple of Stablemates would kind of get lost amongst the other stuff.  The Bouncers are perfect in size for what's already on the shelf.  I'm quite happy with how it all turned out.  Every time I look at the shelf or think about them there, it makes me smile. 

Staying on the Breyer theme...yesterday I got an email from them about it being National Farrier Week or Month or something and in recognition of that, they wanted you to buy their farrier doll.  Or, at least, that's what I thought it said.  Then I realized they were GIVING one away.

 Now, I don't really care much for the big-headed dolls let alone a boy doll, but who can pass up free?  So I had to enter.  I set a reminder on my email program at work to make sure I enter every morning until Friday.  If I win, great!  If I don't...no big deal.  But free is free, right?  Well, it says you're responsible for taxes or whatever, but it's still free.

So, now we come to the part in the program where I get to gripe.  I haven't been very good at bringing my lunch to work since we moved to the main building and the past couple of days I've gotten something from our on-site cafe thing.  I've gotten a Chicken Salad Wrap twice now and didn't really feel like another one.  Originally I was just going to raid the snack machine, but when I saw neither of the two closest to my work area had Coke in the soda machine, I decided to go over to the cafe.  A salad seemed like a yummy choice and there's a salad bar there so I selected my ingredients and went to get dressing.  That's where things got complicated.  They had 6 choices.  NONE of them were labeled!!!!!!!!  2 of those choices looked absolutely identical.  I thought one might be Ranch and one Blue Cheese and was close enough to one (they had them side by side in twos going away from you with a sneeze guard thrown in for good measure) to drip some on my finger and taste it.  It tasted like Ranch.  But the other one, which I couldn't reach to drip onto my finger, LOOKED like Ranch.  Well, I had a line growing to my right and I didn't want to hold them up much longer so I grabbed a little container of each of them and went on my merry way.  When I got to my desk, I tasted the one furthest back and it was Ranch.  I dumped it on my salad.  Then I tasted the other one again...Ranch.  One might be low-fat, but they both tasted decent.  That went on my salad, too.  So I shook up the container and now there's dressing spread throughout, which is what I like.  But seriously, folks, why aren't your dressings labeled?    What a PITA!  I really need to get my tush into gear and start bringing my lunch to work again.  I hate having to scrounge for lunch.

NAN/ North American Nationals started today.  People are already showing up to Breyerfest, which is Friday.  I've been enjoying seeing the mini-blogs people have been writing on Blab of their activities so far, but it won't really get going until this weekend.  I wish I'd been able to afford to get my pick-ups after all, but you do what you have to do. 

I guess that's it.  My lunch break is almost over and I have tons of work to do.  And I've only taken one bite of my salad.  It isn't all that good.  <sigh>


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    1. Thank you. I agree. Now it looks complete without being cluttered.

  2. Oh...I didn't think of Bouncer. However, it is quite a nice choice!

    1. Thank you, Alyssa. Yeah, it's hard to think of all the possible models because there's so many of them. Thank you for your input, though, it was greatly appreciated!